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The Decisive Moment January 2024 Edition 28; Cover Image Credit: Alisa Martynova
CREDIT: Alisa Martynova

The Decisive Moment January 2024

Cover Photo: Alisa Martynova

This edition is largely devoted to our Documentary Photography Awards.

After a successful expansion of our Documentary Photographer of the Year in 2021, we changed the focus a little in 2023 with the desire to move from an overt “competition” to awards that would allow us to recognise and showcase more documentary photography. We also wanted to reflect support and development of documentary photography, and this is shown in the actual awards made.

The selected projects are diverse, ranging from the impact of conflict, migration, reflections on history and memory, performance, ageing, mental health, and childhood. They provide an insight into the range of what documentary can do and how it can be used to tell stories.

Consistent with the aim of developing the photographers and their practice, some photographers will receive one-to-one support as follows: Open (Mimi Mollica), Student (Laura Pannack) and Members (Liz Hingley). The support can be used to help develop their project or their practice; that is up to them. 

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Documentary Photography published by the Royal Photographic Society - Documentary Group. Photography which communicates a clear narrative through visual literacy.