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LSP6355 Harris
CREDIT: Lizzie Shepherd

Editorial by Peter Fortune, Newsletter March 2024

The AGM of the Landscape Group was held on 2nd March. The minutes of the AGM are posted on the Landscape Group Web page. The agenda for the day included two presentations by Professional Photographers. The first by Lizzie Shepherd showed an amazing number of beautiful images from a number of locations around Europe and the world. The second professional photographer, Justin Minns, showed a range of pictures of “Unknown Essex”.

Gnarled Birches Cairngorms
CREDIT: Lizzie Shepherd

Gnarled Birches Cairngorms © Lizzie Shepherd

Many of us are now looking forward to the clocks going forward at the end of the month. For me this always heralds the time of the year when longer days gives me the chance to be out in the open for longer and often not needing a winter coat to keep warm. I was born in early August, so I remember those long light days and warmer nights with fond memories. I was given a camera for my 6th birthday and have been interested in photography ever since. I got good use of it for the whole of the first month I had it thanks to relatives giving me rolls of film and money for D&P for my birthday. I still have those early pictures, but they are never shown to anybody as they are, by modern standards, poor quality both in terms of artistic prowess and physical reproduction. They cause me to reflect on how things have changed in that now an i phone can generate much higher quality images than was the case, even with a professional camera, when I first held a Kodak Brownie (70 years ago!).

It is hard to guess where the camera manufacturers’ R&D teams will take us in the future – 3D images, infra red and UV options as standard on most cameras, smaller images files with higher quality resolution, and many other possibilities. The possibilities for photographers will be exciting wherever the camera makers go in terms of R&D.