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Professor Thomas Hanahoe FRPS
CREDIT: Professor Thomas Hanahoe FRPS

Chairman’s Day 2020

Professor Thomas Hanahoe FRPS, Chairman of the RPS Nature Group has brought together a thought provoking set of first class speakers for his Chairman’s Day with the overall theme of the State of Nature in Britain. 

‘State of Nature 2019’ – Dr Daniel Hayhow

Daniel Hayhow, Environmental Scientist at Earthwatch Europe, led the development of the State of Nature 2019 Report with more than 50 partner organisations.  The Report gives the latest update of how wildlife is faring across the UK, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. The ground-breaking partnership of organisations worked together to produce the Report, providing an essential evidence base that tells us about the state of our nature over the last 50 years.  The report collates the best available data on the UK’s biodiversity, with a focus on the trends in species as the key evidence of how nature is faring.  In addition, the pressures acting upon nature are reviewed and the conservation response being made to counter these pressures, in order to give a rounded view of the UK’s nature in 2019.

'Polar Bears of Svalbard’ – Professor Thomas Hanahoe FRPS, RPS Nature Group Chairman


‘Rewilding in Britain’ – Dr Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels is Head of Land Management at the John Muir Trust and a Founding Trustee of Rewilding Britain.  He will talk about what rewilding means in a British context, what it can offer in terms of natural solutions to mitigate climate change impacts and reconnect people with nature.  He will also talk about the challenges of rewilding in relation to traditional land uses and how community engagement with land management offers hope for the future.

(The postponed Nature Group Annual General Meeting will finish the day)

Entry will be Free of Charge for all attendees, but you must book your place to receive the Zoom link

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