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Gold Medal Green Turtle Bunaken Island By David Keep ARPS

Gold Medal Winner Nature Group 2020 Exhibition

A Gold Medal in the Nature Group Exhibition was won by David Keep ARPS for his image of a Green Turtle Bunakin Island

The Nature Group now has a website where you can view images awarded in the last 3 Years' Exhibitions,  Distinction Panels and Members' Images

The gallery can be reached at

The home page (above) briefly describes the content, with a rolling slideshow of selected images plus the menu that gives access to the available galleries. 

Galleries are displayed as a rolling slideshow (see below).  It is possible to take control of the show yourself and information on this is provided in the help panel.

If you are a RPS Nature Group Member and wish to add a gallery then

  • All images must be in .jpg format
  • Please name your images as Image Title by Author eg ‘Bird by John Smith ARPS’.  This is important as the title is used to create the accreditation/copyright shown when hovering over the image. 
  • images should be sent to ideally using wetransfer or similar software to avoid issues with email size limits.
  • You do not need to worry about image size, that will be done when preparing and adding the gallery to the website.