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Bradgate Red 6

Red Deer Bellowing

Nature Group at Bradgate Park

As numbers able to attend was somewhat reduced due to cancellations resulting from Covid 19 restrictions, we were able to accommodate all participants in two groups of five on Saturday - definitely the preferred day as dawn was an hour later than on the Sunday!!

Peter Ward took on the role as co-leader and diligently stayed to the end with at least one member of his  group despite torrential rain. My party were a little more  cautious and started home as the rain set in. There was plenty of activity to keep us entertained though a bit more light would have been great. Generally we followed our own routes, meeting up for a coffee socially distanced outside to compare notes and plan where next to visit. A few images to give the feel of the day with its Fallow and Red Deer, autumn colours and flowing river.

First a few from Andre Neves

Buzzard in the Rain

These are from Jane Moore

Steve Parrish sent in something a bit different using ICM to portray the autumn woodland and deer

Finally, a couple from Ann Miles - the stream with its autumn colours and one of the noble oaks just beginiing to change it colour