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Sharpenhoe Saturday 001

Nature Group Resumes Outings

Socially Distanced Nature Photography

On Friday, on the 3rd hottest day ever on record, a group of 9 Members with two leaders met at Sharpenhoe, Bedfordshire, to spend several hours on a chalk hillside photographing butterflies and other wildlife. There were hundreds of Chalkhill blues, many of them mating.

Paired Chalkhill Blues by John Shepherd FRPS

Chalkhill Blues by Jane Moore LRPS

Burnet moths were also abundant and, again, there were many paired up.

Burnet moth on Scabious by John Shepherd FRPS

Paired Burnets by Ann Miles FRPS

By the early afternoon, most of the insects had also retreated to shadier nooks so we left Sharpenhoe in search of long cold drinks! It was agreed that it was just wonderful to be out with other Members sharing our passion for photography.

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