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Field Trip to Sharpenhoe Clappers

Chalkhill Blues by Simon Jenkins

A group of 8 met at Sharpenhoe National Trust Reserve at 9am on a cool drizzly morning and were reqrded by 2 hours of excellent photographic opportunities. The lower temperatures delayed the emergence of the Burnet Moths so we were able to observe both the moths coming out of cocoons and the subsequent mating (images by Andre Neves and Alison Jenkins).

Chalkhill Blues were present in large numbers roosting on stems and flower heads. As the temperature rose and the cloud thinner, the butterflies became more active opening wings and eventually flying and pairing (images by Chris Holt, Ann Miles, David McKay and Ian Willis).

There were other delights such as the Marbled Whites and many Grasshoppers (Images by Peter Ward and Ann Miles)