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Damselflies Mating By Duncan Locke ARPS

Damsel flies mating by Duncan Locke ARPS

Eight Members of the RPS Nature Group enjoyed an outing to Summer Leys, one of the country's best wildlife reserve for breeding, migrant and wintering waders, ducks and other birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects.

Egret by Ann Miles and Grey Heron in Flight by Duncan Locke

It had been raining overnight so there was plenty of opportunity for insects etc covered in rain drops

Meadow Grasshopper and 'On Location' by Ann Miles

The sun came out and the rest of the day was warm and sunny, ideal for insect photography.

Nowickia ferox by Carole Harvey, Peacock by Jane Moore, Mating Hoverflies by Dave McKay and Long-winged Cone Head Cricket by Bruce Kendrick

Some members were quick enough to capture the many dragonflies that inhabit this excellent reserve.

Migrant Hawker by Bruce Kendrick and Common Darters in Tandem by Duncan Locke