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Neves Female Emperor Dragonfly Laying Eggs

Emperor Dragonfly Egg Laying by Andre Neves

15 Members of the Nature Group visited Strumpshaw Fen on Monday hoping for lots of Swallowtail butterflies to photograph. Unfortunately, like other butterfly species, the Swallowtail numbers are very low this year though some of our group did manage a brief sighting and a few photographs of one in the meadow. The Dragonflies made up for the absence of butterflies and the Norfolk Hawker, Scarce and Four-spot Chasers, and numerous Damselflies kept us well entertained. To see more events, go to Nature Group Home

Norfolk Hawker by John Harvey and Swallowtail by Ann Miles

Scarce Chaser by John Hunting and Norfolk Hawker by Andre Neves

Common Spotted Orchid by Sue Grief and Robber Fly by Jane Moore

Four-spoted Chaser and Brimstone Butterfly by Nick Bowman