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Stonechat 6

Nature Group Visit to Wicken Fen

Mayfly by Ann Healey FRPS

A party of eight braved the rain on May 15th and explored Wicken Fen walking over to Burwell Fen. As expected most birds and insects were sheltering from the rain showers but the party was fortunate to see a pair of Barn Owls hunting and a few other birds of the area including several Warbler species and Stonechat.
Even the Highland cattle that graze the area looked disgruntled.
Barn Owls by Phil Miles and James Foad
Stonechat by Ann Miles, Highland Cow by Laraine Green
Towards lunch, the clouds lifted a bit and it was warmer so suddenly Mayflies and Stone Flies were crawling up every available reed and launching into the air or caught by Spiders. The rain returned for the afternoon. John patiently sat and photographed the sparrows busy feeding their families while the rest of us walked around the inner fen. Despite the weather everyone agreed that the day had been enjoyable.
House Sparrow by John Hunt, Spider with Mayfly by Matt Clarke
Mayfly Duet by Ann Healey