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Red Deer Stag By Duncan Locke ARPS

Red Deer Stag by Duncan Locke

Trip to Bradgate Park Affected by Storm Arwen

Grey Heron By David Belton
Grey Heron By Michael Goodwin
Duncan And Swan By Ann Miles
Red Deer Stags Sparring By Duncan Locke ARPS
Fallow Deer By Ann Miles
Red Deer Stag By David Belton
Squable In The Snow S Wm
Bradgate 2 Heron 9
Bradgate The Crossing 8

With storm Arwen due on the day of our proposed visit to Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, it was not surprising that a number of people booked to come on the trip decided that it would be unwise to commit to long journeys.

So on the day, a group of four (rather than 16) set off to walk around the Park in search of deer, birds, fungi etc.

Our first encounter was with a very confiding Grey heron, which visited a number of backdrops for us posing well at each. Grey Herons by David Belton and Michael Goodwin




The Mute Swan (Ann Miles) was also keen to get in the picture. 



The main targets were the Fallow and Red Deer herds.


A selection of shots by Ann Miles, David Belton and Duncan Locke.





Brian Vollar visited on Sunday and was rewarded by images of the deer in the snow. 




The snow continued for a couple of hours giving a deep covering so I returned there on Monday morning and revelled in the beautiful light and scenery