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Neves 1

Nature Group Outing to RSPB Arne

A group of 8 photographers spent a very enjoyable day exploring RSPB Arne in Dorset (Stonechat by Andre Neves) on Saturday April 2nd

001By Ann Miles
Neves 3
003By Ann Miles
Sika Deer (2)
Black Tailed Godwit
Wood Ant

Unfortunately our visit to Arne coincided with a spell of very cold weather so the wildlife was not as plentiful as we had hoped. The Dartford Warblers only made very fleeting appearances at a distance and were not displaying or calling. (Dartford Warbler by Ann Miles)




Some of the party were lucky enough to see the Sika Deer (Right Andre Neves; Left Ian Tullough)






Stonechats were the most evident birds (Right: female stonechat Ann Miles)





There is a hide overlooking water where good views can be had of Black-Tailed Godwits and other waders (Right Black-tailed Godwit Ian Tulloch)



The most photographs subjects were a colony of very active Wood ants - we spent the rest of the day removing them from inside hats, trousers etc (Left Wood Ant by Ian Tulloch; Below Wood Ant Communication by Ann Miles)


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004By Ann Miles