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Whooper Landing By Dave Mckay

Nature Group Outing WWT Welney Norfolk

Nature Group members visited WWT Welney Norfolk on Wednesday 14th December 2022 . It was very cold with frosted vegetation and almost all water was frozenn Miles)

Cattle Egret By John Kirkelionis
Whooper On Ice By Ann Miles
Dunnock By Jane Moore
Geese Goose Stepping By Dave Mckay
Pochard By Jane Moore
Mallard Welney By Mark Gillett
Short Eared Owl By Ann Miles
Short Eared Owl By John Kirkelionis
Three Geese Welney By Mark Gillett 3
Coot On Ice By Dave Mckay

The area of land the comprises the Ouse Washes near Ely was almost completely frozen over on Wednesday and there was a mist over the area giving some very atmospheric shots of the landscape, swans, owls and other birds (Image above Dave McKay). We spent a time watching 3 short-eared Owls flying form their roost in the reeds - too close and quick to get an image, but enjoyed views of Cattle Egrets on the backs of the sheep. We decided to go onto the main reserve. 



The big attraction are the Whooper Swans (Ann Miles) looking very much at home in the conditions (Dave McKay )The  smaller birds looked much less comfortable like this Dunnock (Jane Moore). There were several perties of Greylag Geese including these goose-stepping duo (Dave McKay






Various ducks kept us entertained Mallard (Mark Gillet) and Pochard (Jane Moore). 





We returned to the visitor centre for a welcome hot lunch and then went out onto Lady Fen once more. The two who decided to try for the Short-eared Owls were delighted with excellent though distant view (Ann Miles, John Kirkelionis)





The Barn Owl hunters were less successful. A small party stayed on to watch the swans coming in to roost (John Hunting)


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Sunset Fly In 1 By John Hunting (2)