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Swans Awake 2

Nature Group Visit to Welney WWT

12 Nature Group members visited Welney Centre in Norfolk on Saturday 11th February. Some witnessed the Bewick Swans leave their roosting sites against a wonderful sunrise

Bewick Swans 1 By Duncan Locke ARPS
Whooper Your Going The Wrong Way By Jane Osborne
75I3160 Welney Pink Footed Into Wind T Off John H
75I2917 Welney Mallards John H
Pochard By Jane Osborne
Female Pochard In Flight By Simon Jenkins
Bottoms Up At Feeding Time By Jane Osborne
Feeeding Chaos By Duncan Locke ARPS

Those who arrived for the Swans awake event were rewarded with a spectacular sunrise to view the c200 Bewick Swans along with 1000s of Whooper Swans that leave their roosting sites to visit fields around the area to feed (above Bewicks at Sunrise by Ann Miles; left flight of Bewick Swans by Duncan Locke; right a Whooper Swan by Jane Osborne)





There were large flocks of Geese flying in and out of the area (Left: Greylag by John Hunting) but the predominant birds were the ducks which gave us plenty of practice for flight shots (right Mallard by John Hunting




Pochard by Jane Osborne (left) and Simon Jenkins (right). 






The wildfowl are fed with grain three times a day and then it is all action with ducks squabbling for the food (left Jane Osborne;right Duncan Locke)



Unfortunately we didn't get an equivalent sunset to view the swans return to the Ouse Washes but spent an enjoyable day watching the various wildfowl

(Whooper Swan flypast by Simon Jenkins)

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Bewick Swans In Flight By Simon Jenkins