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Buxton Orchids And Moths 7

Nature Group Outing to Buxton Heath

March Helleborine Buxton Heath, July 2022

Buxton Heath 7364
Funnel Web Spider
Buxton Orchids And Moths
Leaf Hopper
Buxton Heath 7384
Buxton Orchids And Moths 6

A small group met at Buxton Heath near Norwich in Norfolk and spent a very enjoyable day among the specialised heathland and marshland flora and fauna


There were still some Silver-studded Blues on the wing but the season has been very early this year




Lots of spiders including the impressive Funnel Web Spiders and a very striking flightless female Rusty Tussock Moth female laying eggs in the heather





Dave McKay took this charming shot of a Green Leafhopper Cicadella viridis and we all managed images of the Grasshoppers and Crickets





For me, the star species this year was the Marsh Helleborine at the start of its season and showing in very large numbers spread over a wide area.

(Images by Dave McKay and Ann Miles)



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