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0 Purple Hairstreak By Duncan Locke ARPS

Nature Group Outing to Fermyn Wood

Purple Hairstreak by Duncan Locke

6 Silver Washed Fritillary By Maggie Finney
4 Large White By Ken Rasmussen
1 Broad Bodied Chaser By John Kirkelionis
3 Funnel Spider By John Kirkelionis
7 Gatekeeper By Ken Rasmussen
8 Comma Underside By Margaret Beardsmore
Peacock By Maggie Finney
5 White Letter Hairstreak By Duncan Locke ARPS

Another day and another place on our search for three target species, Silver-washed Fritillary, White Admiral and Purple Emperor. On Wednesday, we visited Fermyn Woods near Kettering under the guidance of Ken Rasmussen who knew the 'Master tree', the one where the Purple Emperors gather to mate and lay eggs. He led us on a walk from Fermyn Wood to Lady Wood on the quest for the royal one.

Again Silver-washed Fritillaries were flying in large numbers (Silver-washed Fritillary by Maggie Finney, with plenty of Large and Small Whites and Skippers Large and Small  (Large White by Ken Rasmussen).



Once we arrived at the tree we settled down to wait for the Purple Emperor but a very obliging Broad-bodied Chaser (photo by John Kirkelionis) kept us occupied until Maggie suddenly cried out as a Purple emperor brushed past her and landed on the ground (Purple Emperor image below: Ann Miles). Unfortunately it didn't rest for as long as predicted so the photographs were very much grab shots.


We added a few more species during our walk back including Gatekeeper (Ken Rasmussen) Comma (Margaret Beardsmore), Peacock (Maggie Finney) and a very intriguing Funnel Spider (John Kirkelionis)

A very obliging Purple hairstreak landed on a leaf in full view (Hero Photograph, Purple Hairstreak by Duncan Locke)


We went to the nearby visitor centre for lunch and were entertained by very low-flying Red Kites





In the afternoon Duncan and Ann returned to the wood and added White-letter Hairstreak to the list of species (White-letter Hairstreak Duncan Locke).

Many thanks Ken for leading our trip


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