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Kestrel 3 By Lachlan French

Nature Group Outing to Winterton Dunes

Kestrel Winterton, July 2022 by Lachlan French

Winterton 2 4
Little Tern By Nick Akers
Winterton 2 9
Winterton 2 7
Kestral 1 By Brian Carlick
Kestrel Hunting 2 By Dave Mckay
Robber Fly By Liz Akers
Winterton 2 2

A fine sunny day for the RPS Nature Group outing to Winterton Dunes, a wonderful location with many different habitats to explore. 

Some of the party went onto the beach and attempted photographs of the Little Terns diving and returning to the extensive breeding colony with fish for the youngsters. Seals regularly visited us during the day (photographs by Ann Miles, Nick Akers).


There were young terns, Ringed  Plovers and Dunlin on the beach to complete the challenge (Ann Miles)





An unusually confiding Kestrel provided the group with excellent opportunities for portraits and flight shots (Brian Carlick, Dave McKay)







Some of the party spent their day in the dunes and the slacks inshore which as a unique habitat with acid heathland and small ponds to give variety to the species recorded. (Norfolk Hawker, Ann Miles; Robberfly, Liz Akers; Kestrel below, Lachlan French)


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Kestrel 2 By Lachlan French