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Great Crested Grebe Courtship By Christine Holt

Nature Group Visit to Summer Leys and Stanwick Lakes

13 Members enjoyed outings to SummerLeys on 13th March and/or Stanwick Lakes on the 14th March (Great Crested Grebe Courtship by Christine Holt))

Stanwick By Christine Holt
Male Bullfinch By Dave Belton
Coot By Jane Moore
Teasels By Laraine Green
Mute Swans By Dave Belton
Greylag By Kit Robinson
Muddy Mallard By Dave Belton
Goosander Pair By Ann Miles

On March 13th/14th Members of the RPS Nature Group visited Summer Leys and Stanwick Lakes in Northamptonshire, respectively. Sunday was a cool, grey and sometimes wet day but the Monday was beautiful with warm sunshine and light breezes (Stanwick Lakes by Carole Harvey).  

The target species was the Great Crested Grebes and there was certainly plenty of pairs to choose from. As expected, most of them kept their distance but most of us observed at least the preliminary head shaking displays and one or two witnessed the full weed dance. 

Up to 13 Bullfinches kept us amused at Summer Leys on the Sunday together with various water birds but the conditions were so much better for photography at Stanwick on Monday that most of the photographs are from there (Bullfinch at Summer  Leys by Dave Belton; Coot by Jane Moore) 

(Teasels by Laraine Green; Mute Swans by Dave Belton)





(Greylag Goose by Kit Robinson; Muddy Mallard by Dave Belton)





(Goosander Pair and In the Hide by Ann Miles)




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Stanwick Lakes By Ann Miles