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Red Deer Stag Bellowing By Graeme Clarke

Nature Group Visits to Bradgate Park

Over 2 days, 8 Members braved the weather to visit Bradgate Park (Red Deer Bellowing by Graeme Clarke)

Deer And Old John S Tower By Brian Vollar
Fallow Deer Doe By Dave Belton
Heron In The Rain By Ann Miles
Parasol By Brian Vollar
Parasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota Procera) By Graeme Clarke
Jackdaw By Dave Belton

The forecast was for thundery showers in Leicestershire on Sunday morning but, undeterred, 6 RPS members met up around dawn to visit Bradgate Park. (Old John Tower and Red Deer by Brian Vollar, above)


We didn't get the thunderstorms, just torrential rain with occasional 'drier' interludes when we could move on from one tree shelter to the next until the afternoon. The Red deer are generally the target species but the Fallow deer, especially the delicate females, gave attractive images in the softer light (Fallow Doe, left, Dave Belton; Red Stag, right, John Kirkelionis



The Grey heron in pouring rain was even grumpier than last year (Ann Miles). The Kingfisher's colours were extra vibrant against the soft background (John Kirkelionis)



There were plenty of fungi around to photograph once the rain moved away (young Parasol, Brian Vollar; mature Parasol, Graeme Clarke)




lots of Jackdaws around picking up scraps and taking ticks off the sheep (Dave Belton)





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(Below Ancient Oak trees (Ann Miles)

Bradgate 8527