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Bee Wolf By Dave Mckay

Nature Group Visit to Sandy Bedfordshire 2023

BeeWolf Wasp Digging by Dave MacKay

Migrant Hawker By Ann Miles 2
Dragonfly John Kirkelionis
Brown Argus By Ken Rasmussen
CJH 5308 Enhanced NR Edit
Grasshopper John Kirkelionis
Mating Hoverflies By Ken Rasmussen
CJH 5495
Beewolf Wasp By Ann Miles
Pantaloon Bee By Dave Mckay

On Wednesday a group of 8 RPS Nature Group Members visited RSPB Headquarters at Sandy Bedfordshire and a nearby site with the main objective of photographing insects including the Beewolf Wasp.

The weather was very much against us being mostly cloudy, very windy with a rain shower just after lunch. However, in the sheltered parts of the woods we found several dragonfly species including Southern Hawkers (Ann Miles) and Darters (John Kirkelionis) together with butterflies such as Brown Argus (Ken Rassmussen), Small Copper and several species of Whites.



in the walled garden of the house itself, we found a great variety to photograph, especially Shield Bugs (Carole Harvey), Grasshoppers (John kirkelionis) and mating Hoverflies (Ken Rassmussen) .



After lunch we transferred to a nearby sandy ridge where there is a very large colony of Beewolf Wasps together with the appropriately named Pantaloon Bee (Dave MacKay, Carole Harvey, Ann Miles).



We photographed the resting bees and wasps on the flower heads and peeping out of their burrows. The rain came and went and eventually the skies cleared to give late sunshine.


The Beewolf Wasps and Pantaloon Bees were very active, digging out their burrows but only one Beewolf Wasp was sighted carrying its Honeybee prey and then it was time to leave!

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Nature Group John Kirkelionis