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Windpump By John Kirkelionis

Nature Group Visit to Wicken Fen National Trust Reserve

12 Members visited Wicken Fen on Saturday 4th February (Wicken Wind Pump by John Kirkelionis)

Wicken Fen February 4Th 4
House Sparrow By Penny Reeves
Konig Ponies By Penny Reeves
Muntjac By John Kirkelionis
Greylag Geese By Nick Akers
Goose By Chris Holt
Little Owl By Duncan Locke ARPS
Wicken Fen February 4Th 7
Little Owl Landing By Chris Holt
Wicken Fen February 4Th 10
Barn Owl Hunting By Duncan Locke ARPS

A group of 12 Nature group members met at 9am at Wicken Fen and walked from the car park across to Burwell fen photographing any birds and mammals. The weather was very overcast but we did manage to find a Tree Creeper, many geese and ducks, Muntjac and Roe Deer and best of all a pair of Little Owls  (Roe Deer Ann Miles, Muntjac John Kirkelionis, House Sparrow and Konig Ponies Penny Reeves, Grey lag Geese Nik Akers Chris Holt, Little Owls  Duncan Locke, Ann Miles, Chris Holt). 





In the afternoon, some went onto the National Trust Reserve, others back along the morning route while Duncan drove round to Burwell Fen 




On the NT reserve, it was very quiet but we did get good views of a perched Kestrel (Ann Miles)


We  watched as the Hen and Marsh Harriers came into roost but the light by then was too low for photography of flying birds.









On Burwell Fen, Duncan was rewarded with great views of hunting Barn Owls and rather distant Short-eared Owls - images right and below

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Below: Short-eared Owl by Duncan Locke

Short Eared Owl By Duncan Locke ARPS