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Water Rail Wm

RSPB Lakenheath

Water Rail by Kevin Pigney

Kingfisher Windy Wm
Capsid Bug ( Miris Striatus) By John Bulpitt
Lakenheath GC Grebes
Peter Cramp RSPB Lakenheath 1
Kestrel By Liz Akers
Coot Chick By Don Fleet
Grass Snake By Ann Miles

Lakenheath Fen is one of the RSPB's success stories. Where once there was arable land, now there is a vast wetland of reedbeds and grazing marshes bursting with life, as well as rich woodlands that come alive with song in spring. Since 1995, 400 hectares of reedbeds, ungrazed fenland and wet grasslands have been planted, giving a wide variety of birds, insects and plants.


About 12 Members of the RSPB Nature Group and Cambridge Camera Club joined together to explore Lakenheath Fen - some arriving early and being rewarded with great images of Kingfisher and Water Rail.


Later in the day, the Kingfisher continued to visit along with a family of Great Crested Grebes and a spectacular Grass Snake gliding through the water



Richard Jefferies from the East Anglia Documentary Group attended and made a video of the day

 The insect life was abundant especially the biting species and the fast Damsels and Dragonflies. Only the occasional Hobby was spied, the large flocks of the previous weeks having left for breeding grounds further north

  • Striped Capsid by John Bulpitt
  • Kingfisher by Kevin Pigney 
  • Great Crested Grebe with Young by Ann Miles
  • Coot by Peter Cramp
  • Kestrel by Liz Akers
  • Greenfinch by John Bulpitt
  • Coot Chick by Don Fleet
  • Grass Snake by Ann Miles
  • Kingfisher by Marcella Ferrerro
  • Water Rail by John Harvey






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Kingfisher By Marcella
Water Rail By John Harvey