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Silver Studded Blues Mating By John Simpson

Nature Group Outing to Buxton Heath and Winterton Dunes

Silver-studded Blues by John Simpson

Buxton Butterflies 2
Marsh Helleborine By Lesley Simpson
Heath Spotted Orchid By Lesley Simpson
Bog Pimpernel By John Simpson
Keeled Skimmer (F) By Ann Miles
Keeled Skimmer (M) By Ann Miles
Ringed Plover 2 By Kevin Pigney
Small Black Ants ( Lasius Niger) By John Bulpitt
Ringed Plover 1 By Kevin Pigney
Dune Robber Fly With Prey By John Bulpitt

A group of Nature group members visited Buxton Heath on Sunday 25th June on the hottest day so far of 2023 (32degrees and full sunshine). It is a bumpy year for Silver-studded Blues so plenty of these to photograph including a pristine mating pair being photobombed (AM).

 The rest of the morning was spent in the wetter areas photographing the specialist plants to be found there including  Marsh Helleborines (LS), Heath (LS) and Marsh Orchids and Bog Pimpernel (JS).


In the afternoon, two returned to the orchid area though it was too hot and bright to do much photography while the others walked in the shade of the woodland photographing dragonflies that hawked long the paths and rested on the brambles, including Keeled Skimmers male and female (AM), a special species of the area.


Monday's venue was Winterton Dunes where we hoped to spend the morning photographing the Little Terns flying out of their nest site and diving for fish etc but, this year, the whole colony decided to move further up the coast to breed. Kevin stayed on the beach and got some very pictorial images of Ringed Plovers (KP)while the rest of us explored the Dunes photographing large number of Robber Flies (JB) with their varied prey, solitary bees, Ants (JB) and attempted (unsuccessfully to capture the very active Dragonflies and the various pools in the dune slacks 

Images by Ann Miles,  Lesley Simpson, John Simpson, Kevin Pigney and John Bulpitt)

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