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Summer Leys Jane Stonechat

Nature Group Visit to Summer Leys, Northants

A party of 8 visited Summer Leys Northants on Sunday 18th February 2024 (Female Stonechat by Jane Moore)

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Eight members of the Nature Group braved the heavy rain and flooded roads to visit Summer Leys Wild Trust reserve on Sunday 18th February. The weather improved quickly with sunshine and the occasional shower for the rest of the day. We were aware that all the heavy rain would result in rising water levels later in the day as proved true!




We spent the lost of the  morning in the Pioneer Hide enjoying photographing an obliging pair of Stonechats and three not so confiding Little Grebes though we did get one opportunity when one of the trio came close and free of the  reeds. 








Some of the group walked up to the bird feeding station through ankle deep water but, as it was obvious the water was rising, others drove up the side lane and, certainly by the time we left early afternoon this hide was just about inaccessible.






The time spent in watching the birds coming to the feeding areas was very rewarding with all the common species plus Siskins, an early singing Chiffchaff and a very acrobatic Sparrowhawk.


Images by Jane Moore, Dave Belton, Ian Willis, John Kirkelionis, Ann Miles

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