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Nature Group Visit to Havergate Island

12 Nature group members visited the Hares on Havergate Island on March 22 (Photo by David O'Neill)


12 members enjoyed the delights of Havergate Island watching and photographing Hares

It was a chilly start to the day, with a little bit of rain late morning, but everyone was early and the boat left on schedule.

The reserve warden gave us a brief introduction to the island showing the hides on the map and advising on what to see and where.  One part of the island was closed to protect the breeding colonies of gulls that had arrived, which also meant that most of the waders and spoonbills had been pushed off the reserve.

After we disembarked from the boat, we made our way to the visitor huts and settled around the scrub, where the hares are most commonly seen.  One of the hares is quite tame and the first members to get there got some good images before it disappeared.  The rest of us had to pick our spots and wait for other opportunities, which got better during the day as the hares grew accustomed to our presence.  There were several excellent opportunities for everyone after this.

It got quite windy later in the day and the hares hunkered down out of sight, but overall it was a successful event and I believe everyone got some good images of the hares.

Sadly the wind continued to pick up, which meant the second trip was cancelled.

Images Mike Harris, Greg lovett, David O'Neill and John Kirkelionis

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