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Jayne O'Dell
CREDIT: Jayne O'Dell

Jayne Odell

Women in Photography Member

How does it feel to be an FRPS?

It’s a terrific honour! I’ve been working on my Fellowship panel for four years and I’m hugely proud of the final images. Thrilled and delighted would sum it up!


How long have you been photographing?

I have been photographing for 15 years. My focus was black & white coastal and landscape work up until four years ago, when moving to Newmarket unleashed a passion for equine photography. I still work in monochrome, chasing light and atmosphere in my images – so my objectives are the same, even though the subject in the frame is quite different.


Can you tell us a little about your practice?

My ‘day job’ is Director for a graphic design company, which I have run for the past 20 years. I’m fortunate that because of the nature of my photography generally being very early in the morning – whether it’s the horses out training or early mornings at the coast, I can usually still be at my desk to start the working day with a coffee. In terms of my gear, I have recently moved over to the brilliant Fujifilm mirrorless system after many years using a full frame camera, which means I don’t have as much heavy gear to lug around and I can be far more ‘nippy’ to catch those fleeting moments.


What inspires your work?

The intention to capture beautiful atmospheric light and emotion in a scene. Often in the kind of weather that other people avoid­ ­– rain, snow and frost. I love being out in the elements under big brooding skies with my camera.


Where is your favourite place or favourite thing to photograph?

I think I would have to say the sea. I feel at peace on the shoreline with my camera and tripod. It’s good for the mind, body and soul. Watching the tidal changes, breathing in the fresh sea air ­– time to completely absorb myself in my passion.


Where can we see your work?

You can view my work on my website and also follow me on Instagram @jayneodellphoto, which I more regularly update. I also lecture to camera clubs and societies where I’m able to show my images and share the stories behind them.


Who is your favourite female photographer and why?

Strangely my two favourite photographers don’t cover my genre of photography. Vivian Maier and her hidden archive of street photographs was a revelation, she really knew how to capture moments and characters effortlessly, it seems. More recently I am inspired by Anita Corbin, who’s ‘First Women UK’ project is a fantastic celebration of ‘ordinary women achieving extraordinary things’. I find her passion for photography and drive is so motivational, and championing women at the top of their game is really important to me.


Any words of advice for female photographers starting out?

Just to have confidence in what you’re passionate about. Take photographs that you want to take. Develop your style. Listen to others and take on board constructive comments but don’t let negatives influence your work. Be who you are.


What’s next for your practice?

I am going to continue to photograph what I love and have fun with it. I am keen to tell my Fellowship story and help others on the road to RPS distinctions, so I’m putting together a new lecture, where I will share my personal journey to Fellowship. I will offer this to camera clubs and photographic societies via Zoom from September 2021 until May 2023. I have another few irons in the fire too – but they are still in their early stages, so I’m keeping shtum on those for now!

Cold Start
CREDIT: Jayne Odell
First Snow, Warren Hill
Looking At You