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3. From The Series LIFERS By Jessica Bryony

Meet two top graduates from the Class of 22

A pair of contrasting visual storytellers reveal their inspirations and ambitions

As a wealth of talent emerges from photography courses across the globe, we introduce two graduates from UK institutions whose work is well worth following. 

You can discover eight other image-making graduates from around the world in the July/August 2022 issue of the RPS Journal. 


Jessica Bryony (32) 
Graduating from University of Chester (MA) 
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@jessiebphoto and @jessicabryonyphotography 

“Skateboarding is usually connected to young people, but I came across a group of skateboarders still loyal to the culture and sport as they reach their 40s, 50s and almost 60s.  

“I produced a project about them called LIFERS. Taking an ethnographic approach I developed methodologies that have allowed me to become part of this community. [I captured] their sincerity towards skateboarding from an inside perspective to create a raw and honest documentary.  

“My images transport you to the skateparks to see how Marcus, Chris and Stuart – who are most prominently pictured in the project – compete against the physical and mental sides of aging while still maintaining a profound allegiance to this extreme pastime. My narrative showcases their passion, friendship, stylistic flair and collective spirit. The youth may come and go but for these men, skateboarding will remain forever.  

“I’ve been working as a photographer for 11 years and I’m programme leader for photography at Wirral Met College, but through this Master’s I’ve found a love for skateboarding. I would love to travel the world photographing skateboarding in different countries. I want to see my work in Thrasher Magazine and my own photobooks.”

4. From The Series LIFERS By Jessica Bryony
5. From The Series LIFERS By Jessica Bryony
6. From The Series LIFERS By Jessica Bryony

All images above from the series LIFERS by Jessica Bryony 


Sabrina Türschmann (26)
Graduating from Edinburgh Napier University (BA)
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“For me photography has always been about telling stories. I love working with people and being inspired by them. I’m grateful to the people I connected with when making my ongoing project FLOW, which is about migration. The trust those people put in me to tell their story, and the intimate emotions they opened up about, were incredible.

“It made me reflect a lot on my own understanding of home, identity and privilege. I was born in Berlin, grew up in Germany and moved to Scotland seven years ago. I felt like I was creating something meaningful that resonates with people but no matter what happens with FLOW, creating it alone has made it worth it already. It’s important for me to talk about issues and topics where I feel I have something to say. Cheesy as it may sound, I’m driven by the urge to make the world a better place – a little better at least.

“I would like to get lots of exciting, adventurous jobs to cover interesting stories around the world. My dream would be to meet and photograph the Dalai Lama.”

A Wild Life

‘A wild life’, 2017, by Sabrina Türschmann


‘Madita’, 2021, by Sabrina Türschmann

Untitled, Nepal

‘Untitled’, 2016, by Sabrina Türschmann 

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