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1. Guo Zhe

Eight inspirational images of the built world

A gallery of winners from the Architectural Photography Awards

Panel of judges’ overall winner
‘Pocket park, Shanghai, China’ by Guo Zhe 


We are used to seeing images of stunning architecture on advertising billboards, in film and online. Even so, the photographers who represent the built world so skilfully tend to be invisible. 

The Architectural Photography Awards (APA) were launched in 2012 to change all that. Teaming up with the World Architecture Festival (WAF), the APA organisers put the focus back on the photographic skills behind stunning architectural images. Their mission? “The APA crosses sectors and continents to raise awareness of the skills of these photographers – their ability to translate the sophistication of the built world.” 

The 10th edition of the awards takes you on a journey around the globe, from a disused back lane in Shanghai, China, transformed into an innovative ‘pocket park’, to an almost spiritual-looking geothermal power plant in Tuscany, Italy. 

Here, you can find eight top images from the APA 2022.

2. Deed Studio

WAF delegates’ overall winner, Sense of Place
‘Jadgal Primary School, Seyyed, Iran’ by Deed Studio 

3. Fabio Sartori

WAF Delegates’ winner, Interiors
‘Inside the tower, geothermal power plant, Tuscany, Italy’ by Fabio Sartori 

4. Hu Kangyu

Panel of judges’ winner, Interiors
‘Chapel of sound, Chengde, China’ by Hu Kangyu

5. Simon Kennedy 02

Panel of judges’ winner, Portfolio (Transport Hubs) 
‘Istanbul Airport, Turkey’ by Simon Kennedy 

6. Xi Chen

Panel of judges’ winner, Buildings in Use
‘Mirror dimension, New York, USA' by Xi Chen 

7. Eric Siedner

WAF delegates’ winner, Exteriors  
‘Horseshoe temples, Gansu, China’ by Eric Siedner 

8. Alex Chan ACF

Panel of judges’ winner, Exteriors 
‘NEST, Yang Liping Performing Arts Center, Dali, China’ by Alex Chan/ACF 


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