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NN11605215 Carolyn Drake:Magnum Photos

Six Magnum photographers you should know about

As the renowned photo agency Magnum turns 75, it celebrates the work of its women members in the book Close Enough. Curator Charlotte Cotton introduces six striking photographs from its pages

Carolyn Drake/Magnum Photos

Set in the context of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Magnum photo agency, the book Close Enough focuses on women photographers whose distinct visions are currently shaping photographic perspectives within Magnum.

Together, they move and challenge photographic boundaries, deepening Magnum’s quest to take account of human experience and survival.

In uniquely personal ways, the contributing photographers negotiate gaining access, holding their bearings, and moving deeper in relation to human subjects and experiences – the challenge to photographers to get “close enough” called forth by the co-founder of Magnum, Robert Capa.

With determination, urgency and resourcefulness, each photographer takes account of their practice, inviting us to get close enough.

Close Enough: New Perspectives from 13 Women Photographers of Magnum is published by Kehrer. An exhibition of the works, curated by Charlotte Cotton, is at Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung, Munich, Germany, until 21 July 2024.

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MG1124115 Lúa Ribeira:Magnum Photos

Lúa Ribeira/Magnum Photos

NN11503244 Susan Meiselas:Magnum Photos

Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos

From The Series Hafiz By Sabiha Çimen:Magnum Photos

Sabiha Çimen/Magnum Photos

NYC68949 Alessandra Sanguinetti:Magnum Photos

Alessandra Sanguinetti/Magnum Photos

NN11517503 Bieke Depoorter:Magnum Photos

Bieke Depoorter/ Magnum Photos