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Daniel Castro Garcia

The view of a young migrant

Daniel Castro Garcia has been documenting the lives of migrants and refugees for five years. Here the Vic Odden Award recipient tells the story behind one evocative image from his series

Catania, Sicily, Italy, August 2017’, by Daniel Castro Garcia


“This photograph was taken while I was working at Casa Zingale, a reception centre for unaccompanied minors in the rural province of Enna [in Sicily, Italy]. It was home to 12 sub-Saharan boys, many of whom had undergone traumatic experiences on their journey from Africa and were finding their new surroundings disorientating.

“One day we arranged a trip to the beach, so the boys could escape the monotony of life in the reception centre and experience something new. For many of them it was the first time they had been to the beach since their Mediterranean crossing and rescue, so the day was charged with anxiety but was at the same time extremely joyful and liberating.

“The boy in the image is Fanguidou, who was resting after swimming in the sea. The sand on his back suggests a pair of wings, almost like he’s a fallen angel. Most of the boys are Muslim and they are living in an extremely Christian environment, so that juxtaposition is particularly interesting and creates a sub-meaning to the image. It also has a quiet, meditative quality that I like, as he sits peacefully contemplating the sea.”


Daniel Castro Garcia was talking to David Clark.


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