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Rogers Riders Of The Light 1000
CREDIT: Christy Lee Rogers

Why Christy Lee Rogers finds beauty underwater

Submerge yourself in these images from an artist who plays with the boundaries of light, colour and movement

If you think the word ‘immersive’ is overused in the world of photography, take a look at the work of Christy Lee Rogers. The visual artist uses the medium of water to break the conventions of photography – and create images reminiscent of the work of Baroque master painters.

Rogers, the winner of the Open Photographer of the Year category at the Sony World Photography Awards 2019, will discuss her mesmerising underwater work at The Photography Show, which is being hosted online on 6 and 7 March 2021. She has exhibited her work globally and been published in magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle Decoration. Her series Reckless Unbound is housed at Longleat House in the UK.

Here she shares images from the 2020 series The Human Collection, which has been exhibited on the streets of London during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Christy Lee Rogers features in the ‘How I did this’ slot in the forthcoming March/April issue of the RPS Journal. She will also be interviewed in a free virtual event at The Photography Show, 7 March, 1.30-2.10pm. Register for the event.

Watch this video to learn how Christy Lee Rogers creates her work.

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Rogers Justice Liberty And Peace 1500
CREDIT: Christy Lee Rogers
Rogers Liberation 1800
CREDIT: Christy Lee Rogers
Rogers Metamorphosis 1800
CREDIT: Christy Lee Rogers
Rogers Falling In Love 1800
CREDIT: Christy Lee Rogers
Rogers Unbreakable 800
CREDIT: Christy Lee Rogers
Rogers Vivacity 1050
CREDIT: Christy Lee Rogers