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Epping Forest John Mcdowall
CREDIT: John McDowall

An autumn day in Epping Forest

A group from East Anglia went to Epping Forest on Sunday 25 November for a days photography.  It was a typically misty autumn day and the light was beautiful, especially in the morning.  There was still some autumn colour left on the many beech trees and lots of fungi. We asked for an image from everyone and here is what we came up with; a mixture of landscape, creative, macro and a bit of infra-red.

Book now for our Creative Day in Epping Forest in November 2020.

Ancient Roots By Andre Neves
CREDIT: Andre Neves

Andre Neves

Epping Forest By Christine Holt
CREDIT: Christine Holt

Christine Holt

Epping Forest Fungi By Jane Moore
CREDIT: Jane Moore

Jane Moore

Epping Forest By Sue Mcdowall
CREDIT: Sue McDowall

Sue McDowall

Golden Bush By Jonathan Vaines
CREDIT: Jonathan Vaines

Jonathan Vaines

Fungi By Jane Barrett
CREDIT: Jane Barrett

Jane Barrett

IMG 6148 Epping IR By Sue Vaines
CREDIT: Sue Vaines

Sue Vaines

Philip Earl RPS At Epping (1 Of 1)
CREDIT: Philip Earl

Philip Earl

Thumbnail Simon Fremont Epping Forest 03
CREDIT: Simon Fremont

Simon Fremont

MC2 0480 By Matt Clarke
CREDIT: Matt Clarke

Matt Clarke

Thumbnail 4 Autumn Reflection By Mark Gillett
CREDIT: Mark Gillett

Mark Gillett