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CREDIT: Jessica Wall

Stewart Wall MA ARPS

How long have you been a photographer?

50 years

What is the type of photography you usually do?

I am a professional Photographer, by chance I got a job as a trainee press photographer on the Brentwood Gazette newspaper whilst I was still technically a schoolboy in 1978. I also teach photography

What other sorts of Photography do you do?

Lengthy Documentary projects and Street Photography. I have recently completed a BA (hons) and an MA, both in photography where I have used documentary photography as an agreed research method. I am about to start a PhD with the same approach. I am researching changing communities and what we could do to make them resilient to changes caused by The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Who are your favourite Photographers?

Far too many to name, but mainly documentary photographers, and especially those who see beyond the camera to the story they are making

What is your favourite camera make?

Small Mirrorless cameras

What are your thoughts about photography itself?

Photography is the universal language, a language of meaning and depth when written and read with understanding


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Life would not be the same without my family and photography