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Sue Hutton Selfportrait Sq

Sue Hutton ARPS

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been taking photos ever since I left university, and even had photos in exhibitions, but taking a course with the Open University in 2010 transformed my outlook and skills, so you could say that that was when I became a photographer.

What is the type of photography you usually do?

Whatever takes my eye. I started with landscapes and nature. Increasingly I am drawn to candid and street photography and chiaroscuro.

What other sorts of Photography do you do?

See previous question. Oh, and Travel too.

Who are your favourite Photographers?

ooooph. Hard one. I’ve been very impressed with Michael Kenna and I really admire Valda Bailey’s creativity. I like Cindy Sherman too. Lots and lots of photographers to admire out there.

What is your favourite camera make?

Another hard one. I still use Canon because I find it reliable, and I always use it for studio work and still life, but I also mostly use Fujifilm for ease of use and being much lighter to carry. Less reliable for autofocus.

What are your thoughts about photography itself?

It trains you to see. Opens up new dimensions of seeing.

Please sum up your photography in no more than ten words

Eclectic, mostly spontaneous, generally colourful but drawn to low key.

Eclectic, mostly spontaneous, generally colourful but drawn to low key