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CREDIT: Stewart Wall MA ARPS

Visual Art Exhibition at Doncaster opens

Doncaster is around where the East Midlands Region ends and the Yorkshire region starts, but it is actually an easier drive for me from my home than Whatton is, which is where EM meets, such is how regions divide.

So, today I took a 40 minute drive to The Point at Doncaster to meet up with members of The RPS Visual Art Group who had traveled from all over England to the opening of their exhibition at the marvelous venue.

The vice chair of the group David Wood ARPS traveled up from London to start things off, and

then he introduced scarf wearing (I want one too) Mark Slater who is the regional organiser of Yorkshire, who then officially opened the exhibition.

There was lots of tea and coffee drinking

and cake too

the coffee never ran out

or picture taking

but of course we were really there to look at photographs

which were amazing and looked superb in the gallery (whoops, I've played with this image in photoshop (sorry VA)

Locals were happy to pose with the art

and seemed highly impressed

some scratched their heads

and others wanted to know who had taken what

volunteers smiled

and then had lunch, still smiling

before heading home, already talking about the next venue, which is in East Midlands region next year :)

The exhibition is on until 21st December click here for more details

The Visual Art Group members should feel very proud