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Ian Berry Visits RPS EM3


News about RPS East Midland regional activities during lock-down

Life is suddenly very different, and I imagine dependent on whether you were retired or still working before of all this, the experience is quite different for many of us.

As I write this I have just read a news articles that lock-down may well continue for at least another month, and I imagine it might be longer. In a way I almost feel accustomed to this new life now, although I cannot wait to get out and about freely once more. In the meantime we need to find different ways to communicate


RPS East Midlands Book Project

Engaging with the family's education during Lock down

April 14 2020

Sue Hutton

Life has changed hasn’t it.

This weekend we would have been visiting our Grandchildren in the South, and whilst I am really sad we are not seeing them ‘for real’, actually I saw them a few days ago via zoom, which I am sure many of us are now using. What I realised, during that zoom meeting, as they showed us their drawings and the cakes they had made with their parents, was that I was seeing something via the internet they had not shared before, and that is their daily lives and educational activities.

I’ve also been inspired by seeing things on social media that our members are doing to help with their grandchildren’s education, for example Sue Hutton has started reading stories for her grandchildren and putting the recordings on YouTube for them to watch, which I bet the love.

So what I would like to do is create an East Midlands RPS book that tells the story of our virtual engagement at this time with the members of our family's education who do not live with us. I am looking for a few members to supply a few words and a few images so we can create the book that will be published initially online to show the changes and opportunities this time has created for us.

  • But you do not have to write the words or take the photographs! What would be equally great is if you inspired your family members to create something that shared their daily lives with you, and us in the book
  • Let them know it might be published please

If you would like to get involved please send your images and words to me at please.

Keep Sold Out
David Keep
CREDIT: David Keep
20190219 Rutland 45 Editv2
CREDIT: Chris Upton
Online Talks being planned

10 April 2020

Over the last week or so I have been contacted by some 'traditional-in-person' presenters to ask if we would be interested in doing some online talks. I imagine many of you will have already engaged in some and this week I have had meetings with RPS HQ, joined a distinctions study group in the Netherlands and engaged with the RPS even further further afield, eg Australia; I see this as one of the few upsides of this time and although I hesitate to write this, it almost feels exciting.

I am going to add to this East Midlands News Page as online events are arranged so please pop back regularly to see updates.

Images David Keep (left) Chris Upton (right)

Facevook Distinctions
New RPS Distinctions Facebook Group

10 April 2020

Thinking about 'exciting' things have you heard about the news RPS Distinctions facebook secret group?

You are all invited....

Over 1000 people joined within the first few days, from all over the world and they are posting their successful images and talking about their journeys.

Distinctions assessments are continuing and new one2one advisories are being introduced

and there is currently a competition to win a print from RPS assessor Joe Cornish

click here (you will need to be logged into facebook)