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Afzal Pres2

Presidential Award for Afzal

Thank you Afzal for all you have done for the RPS

Last night I helped long-time volunteer of the RPS Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS host the RPS Medical Group AGM.

The medical group members, who zoomed in from all over the world, including New York and Cape Town, were joined by many members of the East Midlands Regional Hub as we listened to a marvelous lecture by Bill Edwards, the Curator at the Gordon Museum of Pathology, Kings College London. Bill took us through the history of 'Art and Medicine', and as we traveled through the years he deconstructed images to explain their medical connections. My inbox has seen many posts today from attendees who had some very nice things to say about it.

We also had a visit from the RPS President Simon Hill HonFRPS, and whilst he was there he presented (via zoom) the very first UK Presidents Commendation to Afzal. The award was to thank him for all the volunteer work Afzal has done for the RPS over many years. Afzal stood down as Chair of the Medical group last night but is staying on as a committee member.