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Using The Gutter

Daido's 'Okinawa' How Photobook Designers use the Gutter

Disrupting the Norm

For many, Daido Moriyama is seen as having made images 'about' what he sees in very impactful ways. He works with projects and produces bodies of work that he disseminates to his audience via photo-books and has developed a Worldwide following. He continues with his 'impactful' approach in the way he designs his photo-books.

I have picked out this spread from his book he titles 'Okinawa' (click here) and I am interested to hear what you think to the way it is designed, especially in the way it uses the gutter. What do you think to the book's design, which for some might seem unconventional and not sticking to the rules.

Does the whole body of work, the images and book design appeal to you, what message do you get from the work?

If you would like to learn more about Daido Moriyama click here


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