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CREDIT: Stewart Wall MA ARPS

Mark Flatman LRPS

How long have you been a photographer?
Since my teenage years, sometime way back in the last century

What is the type of photography you usually do?
Wildlife, Landscape, Intimate Landscape, Macro and Abstract

What other sorts of Photography do you do?
Macro and Sports and Architecture

Who are your favourite Photographers?
Michael Kenna, Paul Kenny, David Ward, Doug Chinnery, Valda Bailey, Mark Littlejohn and Joe Cornish

What is your favourite camera make?
Canon and Fuji, depending on type of photography. Fuji for Landscape as this often involves walking long distances so keeping the kit weight down is important. Canon for Wildlife sports and macro as their big lens’ are so good. However, I must not forget the iPhone camera as invariably it is with me and is now so capable.

What are your thoughts about photography itself?
For me, photography provides both an intellectual and relaxing artistic challenge from the strictures of everyday life so that when I am fully absorbed acts as a kind of mindfulness. I get great pleasure from planning and taking the photographs, which is just as well as I spend all day in front of a computer and really struggle to get motivated to do post processing. I love collecting photobooks and exploring the work of others including other forms of art.

Please sum up your photography in no more than ten words
A perpetual work in progress of learning, exploration and seeing.

Below are some examples of Mark's work.

MJF Gannet Catching Fish
CREDIT: Mark Flatman
MJF Birmingham Library Interior
CREDIT: Mark Flatman
MJF Canoeing Slalom
CREDIT: Mark Flatman
MJF Male Common House Spider
CREDIT: Mark Flatman
MJF Sentinal Birch
CREDIT: Mark Flatman