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Online talk by Hans Strand

Forces that Create and Mould the Land

The South East region are thrilled to have engaged world renowned landscape photographer Hans Strand for a retrospective talk on his work.

The talk will be on 27/03/21 and the good news is it is FREE to all RPS members.

Please register using the link below.

Colors Of Poison #7
CREDIT: Hans Strand

About Hans Strand

Hans Strand was born in 1955 in Marmaverken, Sweden. In 1990, after a nine-year career in mechanical engineering he decided to devote his life to landscape photography. It’s a change he never regretted. Hans has always felt himself drawn to the untamed and raw emotions and expressions that he finds in nature.

He often says: ”The wilderness is the mother of all living things. It is always true and never trivial”. Hans’ work takes him to diverse places worldwide; from polar deserts to steaming rainforests and expansive deserts.

Through countless hours spent looking down on these vistas from the air, Hans has captured a whole new perspective from a very different viewpoint, allowing an abstraction of the landscape, without horizon or reference, obliging you to reconsider the world around us.


Photography is not about capturing what you see but to interpret what you feel.”

Hans Strand


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