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River Voices Book Cover

River Voices - a book by Marsha O'Mahony

'River Voices', by Hereford based journalist and archivist Marsha O'Mahony, is filled with stories of the River Wye, which flows through the borderlands of Wales and England.
The stories in the book are told through the words and photographs of those who have known the river all their lives - ferrymen, boatbuilders and bridge builders, rowers and swimmers, anglers and poachers, ghillies and river bailiffs, otter hunters and more. 
In the summer of 2017, Marsha travelled up and down the River Wye recording the experiences of the people who have lived and worked on the river, or who have simply been drawn to its waters in search of recreation or fishing just for a jam jar of minnows. Thanks to them a wealth of memories surfaced, of a much-loved river teeming with often startling tales, and peopled by a rich assortment of characters, many long-gone.
Stories, photographs and artefacts have been gathered and preserved, and the voices of the ‘ordinary’ men and women of the River Wye now have their place in the history of the river.
The book can be purchased directly from Marsha at a cost of £10.00 plus P&P by emailing Marsha on Marsha can take payment by bank card and she will contact you to take your payment. If you ask her she will sign the book for you!