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The Steps Mike B
CREDIT: Mike Bondartschuk

SW Region members competition

The competition has been judged by Andy Moore, Distinctions Manager at RPS House.

I am pleased to announce the winner is Mike Bondartschuk with his image "The steps" which is now the header image on this page.

Andy wrote a few comments:

Thanks for asking me to judge, it was a great distraction to look at some images. There are some really strong images and it came down to three images, but in the end, the one that stood out for me, was the steps. Not sure what the authors intention was, but for me, it symbolised the dark places we have been, and what steps we have had to take, but also there is light, and hope, and that is why the image worked for me, so congratulations, a worthy winner.

The original rules were:

There is no theme, anything goes, phone photography, cameras or digital art, but it must have been made during the lockdown, ie after 23rd March. You may enter up to 2 images, emailed to:

They need to be no more than 1000pixels at the longest edge and each image should be titled please, author names will not be shown.

When received they will be shown on this page and the winner announced in early June.

The closing date will be 31st May, after which it will be judged and the best image, in the opinion of the judge, will be awarded a small prize.

Click on the title for a full sized image

A list of entries is now available as a PDF

The June competition is now up and ready for entries

Sun Flower
Social Distancing Ken H
CREDIT: Ken Holland ARPS



       Left Sunflower                           Right Social distancing                        


Day 29 007
CREDIT: Mick Medley LRPS







         Left Look to the sky                 Right Continuation








Bluebell Woods Diana F
CREDIT: Diana Fifield ARPS
Black Swan Iris Nigel Dutt
CREDIT: Nigel Dutt

     Left Bluebell woods                   Right Black Swan Iris

Alfie's Paws Lois
CREDIT: Lois Wakeman LRPS
Save Lives! Ken H
CREDIT: Ken Holland ARPS









       Left Alfie's paws




                                                            Right  Save Lives

Alonetogether. Lois
CREDIT: Lois Wakeman LRPS
Lily Of Valley Diana F
CREDIT: Diana Fifield ARPS




       Left  Lily of the Valley              Right Alone together










Untitled Shoot 006
CREDIT: Mick Medley LRPS


                                                                   Right Tulip 


            Left Through the gate

Untitled 2 Viv
CREDIT: Vivien Howse ARPS
Faded Glory Gill Davies
CREDIT: Gill Davies
Lockdown Blues Sue Searle
CREDIT: Sue Searle









          Left Faded Glory                              



                                                              Right Lockdown Blues

Liverton Walk Chris B
CREDIT: Chris Brown
Port Wrinkle Stuart
CREDIT: Stuart Chapman ARPS, CPAGB











          Left Liverton Walk                    Right Port Wrinkle

Woodland Scene Sue Searle
CREDIT: Sue Searle
Blue Mood Di







          Left  Woodland scene              Right Blue Mood

Ansteys Cove Stuart
CREDIT: Stuart Chapman ARPS, CPAGB
Raindrops On Clematis Gill Davies
CREDIT: Gill Davies







         Left Ansteys Cove                  Right Raindrops on                                                                                         Clematis

Untitled 1 Viv
CREDIT: Vivien Howse ARPS
In The Bathroom By Sheila Haycox






         Left Alternative accommodation                                                                                        


                                                              Right In the bathroom

The Birdcage Di
Bubble Flowers. Maria Sjpg
CREDIT: Maria Selley LRPS






          Left The birdcage                Right Bubble flowers

Intherookery. D Lander
CREDIT: Doug Lander
Tractor Patterns Sue B









           Left In the rookery              Right Tractor patterns

Gossamer, David Parnell
CREDIT: David Parnell
Hair Nightmare During Lockdown J. Tiss
CREDIT: John Tissandier








          Left Gossamer

                                                Right Hair nightmare during                                                            lockdown

Pink & Blue Maria S
CREDIT: Maria Selley LRPS
Sunset While I Clappedjacquie Dart
CREDIT: Jacquie Dart





          Left Pink & Blue        Right Sunset while I                                                                            clapped

Westokementtree D Lander
CREDIT: Doug Lander
2M At All Times L Treloar
CREDIT: Lesley Treloar ARPS









              Left West Okemont Tree

                                                                Right 2m at all times

Just Pink J Downes
CREDIT: Just Pink, Janet Downes













                 Left VE day                    Right Just Pink

Coronasign L Treloar
CREDIT: Lesley Treloar ARPS
Singer By Sheila Haycox









            Left Singer                         Right Coronasign

Dandelions In Orbit J Downes
CREDIT: Janet Downes
Shy Dancer Sue James
CREDIT: Sue James







            Left Dandelions in orbit       Right Shy Dancer

Selfie With Found Mirror J Tissandier
CREDIT: John Tissandier
Ladybird On Dead Orchid Sue James
CREDIT: Sue James







            Left Selfie using a found mirror


                                                         Right Ladybird on a dead                                                          orchid

Living In Lockdown Jacquie Dart
CREDIT: Jacquie Dart
Magisterial B Eastmond
CREDIT: Brian Eastmond





           Left Living in lockdown           Right Magisterial

Wembury Church
CREDIT: Mike Bondartschuk
Lady's Smock M Hock
CREDIT: Margaret Hocking ARPS














               Left Lady's smock           Right Wembury Church

Fledgling Song Thrush M Hock
CREDIT: Margaret Hocking ARPS
Grandeur B Eastmond
CREDIT: Brian Eastmond











                Left Fledging song thrush

                                                               Right Grandeaur

Love Lies Bleeding David Rayner
CREDIT: David Rayner
The Steps Mike B
CREDIT: Mike Bondartschuk












                  Left The steps

                                                            Right Love lies bleeding

Thank You C Brown
CREDIT: Chris Brown
Dandelion Blues A Stevenson
CREDIT: Anna Stevenson












                  Left Thank you              Right Dandelion blues

Lockdown Abstract A Stevenson
CREDIT: Anna Stevenson
Splash David Rayner
CREDIT: David Rayner









                Left Lockdown abstract     Right Splash

Pink Moon. Jasmina Goodair
CREDIT: Jasmina Goodair
On Your Marks, Get Set, Go......Jasmina Goodair
CREDIT: Jasmina Goodair








                  Left  Pink Moon


                                                           Right On your marks,

                                                                     get set

Prickles A Plenty Peter Burkiss
CREDIT: Peter Burkiss
CREDIT: Steve Roberts







                  Left Upper track


                                                        Right Prickles a plenty


Social Isolation S Newton
CREDIT: Dr Sarah Newton
Escape To Haytor, N Dutt





















       Left Social Isolation                 Right Escape to Haytor

Isolated S Newton
CREDIT: Dr Sarah Newton












        Left Isolated

Poignant Lockdown Walk A Parsons
CREDIT: Ann Parsons
CREDIT: Frances Shaw








            Left  Poignant lockdown

                                                            Right Satellite or Glass

There's Always Hopea Parsons
CREDIT: Ann Parsons
MOON & ISS 3.45Am F Shaw
CREDIT: Frances Shaw









              Left Theres always hope

                                                      Right Moon & ISS 3.45am