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Paul Rigg ARPS

Jana Murray interviews Paul Rigg ARPS, landscape photographer and coordinator for RPS Southern Region events in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Q. When did you first become interested in photography and how?

A. I first developed an interest in photography in my late teens – so a long time ago! My first camera was a Rollei 35 which I carried whilst climbing. The standard of photography at the time was appalling! I’ve been shooting (and climbing) ever since.

Q. What do you most like to shoot?

A. By default I’m a landscape photographer but nowadays I’m motivated by anything new. I’ve embraced macro photography and I am still experimenting. Most recently it’s been SplashArt and ferrofluid macro work. I can lose myself for hours exploring the world of the very small.

Q. The photowalks you organise in Wilshire and Dorset for the RPS Southern Region are very popular. Talk me through what is involved?

A. It’s a really simple format. A group of members and guests of varying experience meet and explore a location using photographers’ eyes. Some come along to learn something, some to share their expertise and some attend because it’s a very sociable event - we usually end up in a pub or café.

Q. Where are your favourite places to photograph around the region and why?

A. I think my top locations in our region are Southampton Docks, Portland Bill, Hatchett Pond, Langford Lakes and of, course most of the South Coast.

Q: Can you share a tip for landscape photography?

A. My “secret” for good landscape shots is that it must feature water.

Q. You recently gain the ARPS Distinction, congratulations! Can you tell me a little about your submission and share three favourite images from your panel and the story behind them?

A. My A panel in the Applied genre documented the importance of human hands in our evolution, with fully opposing thumbs. I chose the square monochrome format as I felt it helped focus the observer on the hands rather than the setting.


Hasselblad - I found this image amusing with the photographer’s face peering at you.


Tattooist - Lovely to see the artist’s image emerging from the subject’s body and lots of interest to the observer.


Horologist - These hands perfectly mirror the task they are performing in a very artistic way.


Q. Do you have any advice for members working towards their ARPS?

A. Yes, it’s vital, before you even start shooting, to nail your Statement of Intent. Every shot in the panel is predicated upon this so on every shoot you must be asking if this image will fit the Statement.
However good the images are, if they don’t support the Statement they can’t be considered for the panel.

Q. What’s next on your photographic journey?

A. I like to think I’ll have a go at the FRPS and would like it to be a travel panel. It would have to have a wilderness theme but definitely not one to encourage tourism! Do you remember the lyrics of the Eagles song "The Last Resort?" – “You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye."


This article was originally published in December 2019