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Night Owls

Night Owls

Are you interested in night photography?

It can be a bit daunting (and potentially unsafe) to do night photography alone. So, we are considering forming a WhatsApp group for Southern Region RPS members with an interest in night photography and who could be available at short notice to take advantage of night conditions and go out as a member of a group.

Initially, our Wiltshire representative Paul Rigg will act as coordinator for the group and he will announce intended meetings to the WhatsApp group when opportunities arise or when group members express an interest.

Night photography might include Low Light shooting, (straight) Night Sky shooting, Star Trails, Light Painting or Milky Way shooting. It’s great fun and can make some really inspiring images!

Other than your normal camera gear, no special equipment is needed, but you will benefit from a reliable tripod and a torch, or head-light, to set up your shots.

To be a member you will need to either have, or download, the WhatsApp application on your phone. The name of the group will be ‘SR Night Owls’. Once you have been included in the group you will get a notice of confirmation through the App.

In the first instance, please express your interest by emailing Paul Rigg at and he will get back to you when we know the level of interest.

We want to get this group up-and-running quite quickly to be able to take advantage of the darker nights at this time of year.