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Alan Mcfetridge
CREDIT: Alan Mcfetridge


Alan Mcfetridge
CREDIT: Alan Mcfetridge





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The Royal Photographic Society in partnership with The Photographic Angle is offering a 1-year bursary to support a photographic project that will promote environmental awareness.  Applications are invited from anyone living or studying in the United Kingdom with a talent for taking photographs and an interest in the environmental concerns that we face today.

The bursary will provide £4000 to assist with travel expenses, photographic equipment and other project-related costs. We are looking for a creative interpretation of the subject as well as documentary and editorial photography.



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This bursary is supported by The Photographic Angle and Metro Imaging

The Photographic Angle     

The Photographic Angle (TPA) is a charitable organisation set up to promote the education of the public in the art and science of photography.

On completion of the projects, each recipient will also have the opportunity to have your portfolio printed by Metro Imaging and receive remote mentoring from its director Steve Macleod.


Joanna Vesti

Joanna Vestey - Recipient 2021/22

"Foodtopia looks at the utopian future of our food. In this series of photographs I explore what it might look like to provide healthy, sustainable food for everyone without harming the environment while simultaneously contributing to the health of the planet.

“How can farming help to address climate change and protect biodiversity while continuing to feed an expanding population?” was a question posed at a recent UBS European Conference. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organisation, by 2050, farmers will need to increase food production by 60% in order to feed nearly 10 billion people. A challenge made harder by degraded soils, and the rise in increasingly extreme weather events caused by climate change.

Kath Dalmeny, Chief Executive of Sustain said; “We are entering a decade in which we must achieve a radically different way of organising ourselves and organising the food system: one that restores nature, averts catastrophic climate change and ensures that everyone can live and eat well.” For this work I photograph those leading the way and pioneering emergent solutions across the UK, solutions such as urban farming, vertical farming, hydroponics, regenerative agriculture, re-wilding and cellular agriculture to name just a few."

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Ngadi Smart

Ngadi Smart - Recipient 2020/21

Ngadi Smart was the 2020/21 Environmental Bursary reciepient. She is a Sierra Leonean Visual Artist and Designer based between London, U.K and Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

In her Photography, her focus is documenting cultures, social/environmental issues and themes on identity. Recently, she has also been interested in documenting Black sensuality and sexuality from an African point of view. She aims to show as many representations of African people, and what it means to be African as she can.

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Catherine Hyland

Catherine Hyland - Recipient 2019/20

The Environmental bursary will enable Catherine Hyland to travel to the Himalayas in order to make a new photographic series and a short film about the water crisis there and how an ingenious idea to build artificial glaciers at lower altitudes using pipes, gravity and night temperatures could transform an arid landscape into an oasis. 




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Harry Borden

Harry Borden - Over 30s Recipient 2018

Harry Borden was the over-30 bursary recipient. Harry collaborated with the writer Mireille Thornton, to produce Four Hugs Wide and Into the Trees.  The work explores our relationship with the arboreal through stories of people who love, live and work with trees and woodland across Great Britain. The project considers a world where people acknowledge our species as part of a larger ecosystem and live their lives accordingly.


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