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IS XI #167

In Focus: Luca Tombolini

Featured in the International Photography Exhibition 162
Luca Tombolini

Meet the artist

Luca Tombolini (b.1979, Milan)

Whilst studying for a BSc in Communication, Luca became interested in large format photography and started experimenting with the medium. He photographs desert landscapes during long solo adventures and finds being alone in those remote areas a very humbling experience. 

Four of Luca's photographs, from the series LS IX: Vistas Paradossales feature in the International Photography Exhibition 162. The series explores ideas concerning time and space. 

The work is composed of multiple exposures on 4x5" negative film alongside high-resolution microscope scans of colour and solvent compositions. The scans reveal new landscapes that exist on a scale too small for the naked eye to see. Both approaches challenge our perception of time and space.

Explore more of Luca's work by visiting his Instagram and website

All images © Luca Tombolini

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