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The International Photography Exhibition (IPE) is the world’s longest running photography exhibition. We encourage everyone to participate in the annual open-call, including new, emerging and established photographers worldwide. Now in its 163rd edition, the IPE 163 is a powerful exhibition that demonstrates the breadth of contemporary image-making and storytelling today. 

Meet the photographers exhibiting in our new edition. 

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Zahara Abdul

Zahara Abdul is a Ugandan freelance documentary photographer based in Kampala.

She uses her craft to highlight pro-human development stories where women and girls are portrayed beyond the limitations of stereotypes.

Zahara's favorite photos are those that portray her collaborators’ humanity through resilience and dignity. She believes this is important in improving how we tell stories about Africa and Africans.

Jocelyn Allen

Born in Birmingham, UK, in 1988, I am an artist who mainly works with photography, text/hashtags, dance, performance, and video.

I completed my first self-portraiture project in 2010 and have been primarily using myself within my personal work since.

Themes that I often explore within my work are hiding and revealing, body image, self-esteem, self-confidence, anxiety, pregnancy, and motherhood.

Amir Arabshahi

I am a self-taught photographer from Iran and mostly take my photos on the streets.


Àsìkò is a UK based Nigerian conceptual artist who explores his ideas within the medium of photography, mixed media and film.

Richard Beaven

Richard Beaven is a British photographer based in New York where he works on commissions and self-initiated portrait series.

Beaven’s clients include The Guardian and The New York Times. He has been recognised as a finalist in the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and National Press Photographers Association Awards.

In 2020 Daylight Books published Beaven’s first book, All Of Us.

Ashley J. Bourne

Ashley Bourne (b.1993) is a British photographer born and raised in the West Midlands (UK).

After completing a bachelor of the arts degree at Falmouth University, he moved to Bristol, where he now lives and works. His work centers around storytelling within society, exploring themes of identity and drawing on ideas from personal memories to form the basis of his projects.

Susan J Chen

Chosen by Saatchi Art as one of the top 100 women artists, Susan J Chen is an award-winning photographer, with a conceptual approach to her photo and motion work.

Her work has been described as cinematic, moody, and emotionally charged with colour and dark humor. Her work has been shown in NY, LA, SF, Minneapolis, Tokyo, Miami, and Moià, Cataluna, Spain.

Qiushi Chen

Chen Qiushi was born in China, 1997. He holds a dual bachelor's degree in law and philosophy, and a master's degree in Fine Art (with distinction) from The Glasgow School of Art. He is now an editor of Chinese Photography magazine.

Rosie Dale

Rosie Dale is a photographer and researcher based in the South West of England, who has recently completed a BA(Hons) in Photography at the University of the West of England.

Her work has been internationally exhibited at the Paris Photo Carte Blanche award and has been featured on platforms such as The British Journal of Photography and Loupe Magazine.

Aneesa Dawoojee

Aneesa is a south London born fine art portrait photographer. She recently featured in a campaign for Wex Photo Video called 'Change the Image', focusing on 'women in industry' who are trying to change the way we see the world through photography.

“Working with marginalised young people in London for a significant part of my life has given me the ability to draw out the real emotions in the communities I work with. The classical lighting and authenticity of the subjects are important to reflect the honesty and historical value in the stories”.

Bex Day

Bex Day (b. 1992) is a self-taught female fashion and documentary photographer born in London. Bex’s images are often raw, confrontational, and controversial; hyper-detailed, sharp, and striking views of alternative and utterly legitimate forms of normality.

Her interest lies in empowerment and celebrates diversity, gender fluidity, and freedom of choice. Bex’s work focuses on humanity. Anthropological with a twist of the surreal, her imagery has the ability to tell a complete story within one frame.

Silvia De Giorgi

Silvia De Giorgi is an Italian photographer and artist, who lives and works between Oslo and Bolzano, Italy.

She graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts London in 2019, with a Master of Arts in Drawing. In her practice, she interrogates the varied relationships between people, places, and landscapes.

Thomas Duffield

Thomas Duffield is a photographer and researcher working in London and the North of England. Growing up on a small farm on the outskirts of Leeds, Thomas’s practice looks inwards on his own family experience and seeks to address the lesser discussed aspects of family life. Thomas is currently completing a practice-based PhD at the University of Huddersfield.

Noa Ferder

Noa Ferder is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Noa has been working in Israel's leading performance art centres and theatres in various positions while creating visual content on the scale of fine-art photography and video-art. Her work experiments with identities, shapes, and definitions. Nowadays, she's a contemporary performance practice student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Rick Findler

Rick Findler (b.1984) is an award-winning photojournalist based in London, UK. Rick’s work focuses on both domestic features as well as traveling to some of the most dangerous places on Earth in order to document what is truly happening whilst trying to shine a light on other people’s stories and tales.

Lewis Fisher

I am a 26 year old man with cerebral palsy. I use an eye gaze communication device because I am none verbal. I play a disability sport called Boccia.

Cristina Fontsare

Cristina Fontsare is a visual artist and photographer born and based in Barcelona. She studied Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture at the University of her hometown and completed her studies in London and Paris. She exhibits nationally and internationally. She works on long-term projects concerning landscape, childhood, teenagers, and the cycles of life. Always looking for the magic in the every day just around the corner.

Lauren Forster

Lauren Forster is a UK based portrait and documentary photographer; her practice mainly addresses sociological issues and explores the human condition with her family playing a central role to her work.

Her work has been exhibited in the UK and Internationally. She has been shortlisted for and the recipient of numerous awards including LensCulture Portrait Award, Portrait of Britain, and the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize.

Tim Franco

Tim Franco (b. 1982) is a French-Polish photographer from Paris. He was based in Shanghai for a decade, documenting the incredible urbanisation of China and its social impacts. It was during this time that he developed his style of working mostly on analogue camera and trying to bring a minimalist aesthetic to documentary photography. 

In 2016, Tim moved to South Korea where he worked on a three-year project about North Korean defectors. 

Tim was the recipient of the IPE 163 Award for his series 'Unperson - Portraits of North Korean Defectors'.

Julia Fullerton-Batten FRPS

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a fine-art photographer renowned for her highly cinematic visual story-telling. Her large-scale projects are based around specific themes. Each image in the project embellishes her subject matter in a series of thought-provoking narrative ‘stories' using staged tableaux and sophisticated lighting techniques. Julia’s use of unusual locations, highly creative settings, street-cast models, accented with cinematic lighting are hallmarks of her style. 

Lina Geoushy

Lina Geoushy is a social documentary photographer. She combines her experience in communication & psychology to tell stories that deconstruct and question the public's perception of the prevailing power of patriarchy.

Her work largely explores gender, sociopolitical, and women empowerment issues. She strives to push the boundaries through her work by exploring rarely documented communities and ineffable topics.

Theo Gould

Theo Gould (b.1989, London) is a self-taught fine-art documentary photographer based in Lisbon. His work revolves around the notion that we are all one. He graduated from the University of Reading with a BA in Philosophy and discovered photography whilst living in Medellín, Colombia. Some of his biggest influences in life are Miles Davis, Muhammad Ali, Nina Simone, and Anthony Barboza. 

Liz Hingley

Liz Hingley is a photographer and anthropologist. Her multifaceted and inherently collaborative work explores the systems of belonging and belief that shape cities around the world.  Hingley’s projects have received numerous awards, including the Lens Culture portrait prize, PhotoPhilanthropy Award, Prix Virginia, and Getty Editorial Grant. Her work reaches audiences around the world through publications, workshops, and exhibitions, in locations ranging from galleries to gardens, from hospitals to streets.

Katya Ilina

Katya Ilina is a Toronto based female photographer working at the intersection of portrait, fashion, and documentary genres. Her works explore themes of identity expression, gender, and the human condition in the context of social and cultural change.

Ilina has exhibited in the UK, Canada, and South Korea, including Taylor Wessing Photographic Portraiture Prize 2021.

Vijay S. Jodha

Vijay S. Jodha is a writer, filmmaker, and self-taught photographer based in India. He has produced five books and his films have been broadcast on 75 channels worldwide including the BBC, CNN, and Discovery. His projects have received over 80 honors in 24 countries. In 2018, he was invited to address delegates from 193 countries at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Heun Jung Kim

Heun Jung Kim is a London-Seoul-based fine art portrait photographer. She is an alumni of Royal College of Art, London receiving a Master's of Photography degree. Studying architecture for her background degree led her to discover photography. Since she started creating photographic art, 'people' have always been the subjects in her cameras. While working on portraits she found the beauty of exploring humanity, and it became her motivation to visualise their sensitivity in her images. 

Michael F Knapstein

American photographer, Michael Knapstein, has earned international recognition for his insightful and nuanced visual exploration of the American Midwest. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums on five continents. Among other awards, he was named 'International Landscape Photographer of the Year' at the 5th Barcelona Foto Biennale and 'International Portfolio Photographer of the Year' at the Moscow International Foto Awards. 

Tamary Kudita

Tamary Kudita was born in Zimbabwe whilst her ancestry can be traced back to Southern Africa. She currently holds the title of Sony Open Photographer of the Year 2021 from the Sony World Photography Awards. She has been featured on various international media outlets such as CNN International, BBC NEWS, and a special mention in The British Journal of Photography.

Fabio Le Fanu

Fabio Le Fanu is an Italian photographer, based in Paris since 2015. Growing up in a family of photographers, he developed a relationship with this medium very early on. After moving to Paris, he further delved into his practice by beginning to take portraits of queer youth. In search of a more political and social approach to photography, he started studying the body of his queer models. 

Christian K. Lee

Christian K. Lee is a Documentary Photographer from Chicago, IL. He uses his camera to understand people. Recent work has been published in Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, National Geographic, and Forbes Magazine. His work is not about him, it’s about others and it is his goal to reflect on the time in which he currently lives.

Yushi Li

Yushi Li is a Chinese artist based in London and is doing her PhD in Arts & Humanities at the Royal College of Art. Li was selected as one of the artists for Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2018 and has shown her work in different European and Asian countries and had her solo shows in Malmo and London. 

Andy Lloyd

I am a technician and former darkroom printer living in Brighton, UK. I am diagnosed bi-polar and from this position, my photographic practice is concerned with the therapeutic benefits it can provide. I am taking a break now but hope to complete my MA (Photography) at the University of Brighton in the near future. 

Kay Lockett

Kay is a versatile London-based photographer specialising in documentary projects, portraits and storytelling. A background in journalism has developed an authentic, inquisitive, and intuitive aesthetic which informs her photographic work. 

With a deeply curious nature, her personal work focuses on the human condition, mental health, and our relationship with food. 

Bella Macgregor

I am a London based portrait photographer, merging my love of documentary and fashion photography to explore unique personalities and styles.

Abongwe Mlamla

Abongwe Mlamla (b. 1991, Johannesburg, South Africa) completed a photography course at the Market Photo Workshop in 2016. She concerns herself with the subjects of memory, trauma, and identity. She currently lives and works in the United States.

Amin Nazari

Amin Nazari is an artistic photographer with a decade of experience driven by the desire to capture the essence of life through my lens. He received BA Degree in Photography. Awards like the Nikon Photo Contest Grand Prize 2021 and the First Place Award of POYAsia 2022 have fueled his passion for visual storytelling.As a dedicated teacher since 2014 and a jury member for renowned festivals, he's committed to fostering artistic growth within the community.he was featured by the Visual Arts Quarterly as the most influential photographer in Khuzastan province.

Hannah Norton

I am Hannah Norton (b.1992, Derby), currently studying for a Masters in Photojournalism at LCC. I am interested in using the photographic image to talk about issues that aren’t always visible at surface level. I endeavor to do this by combining portraiture with a collaborative approach, working with the participant to create a unique visual language. 

Lee-Ann Olwage

Lee-Ann Olwage is a visual storyteller from South Africa. Her work is about identity, collaboration, and celebration. She is interested in using the medium of photography as a mode of co-creation and celebration. With her long-term projects, she aims to create a space where people she collaborates with can play an active part in the creation of images they feel tell their stories in a way that is affirming and celebratory.

John Post

John Post is a Scottish former scientist turned photographer and has just completed an MFA at the Belfast School of Art. His practice as an artist is interdisciplinary in approach combining his perspectives of being a photographer, scientist, and queer man. 

Ryan Prince

Ryan Prince is an award-winning portrait and documentary photographer based in London. He uses his camera as a tool to explore themes that revolve around his own identity as a black British male from the Jamaican diaspora.

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts (b.1979, UK) is a photographer who creates personal work in response to socio-political occurrences. He looks specifically at the way physical space is often defined by the people occupying it.

Ameena Rojee

I am a photographer and writer who enjoys telling stories about adventure, journeys, the outdoors - particularly women in these spaces - and our relationship with the natural world.

Profile Image Credit: Genea Bailey

Yevhen Samuchenko

Yevhen Samuchenko is an award-winning Ukrainian based photographer whose work has been published and exhibited internationally.

Focusing primarily on nature, his work is a study in subtlety and constantly shifting relationship between man and nature. 

Wendi Schneider

Wendi Schneider is an American artist based in Denver, known for her ongoing series of hand-gilded photographs in the States of Grace series. Her photographs have been awarded and exhibited internationally and are held in collections including New Orleans Museum of Art, Memphis Brooks Museum, and Center for Creative Photography. She is represented by galleries in the USA, Mexico, and Israel. 

Marina Shaltout

Marina Shaltout is an American photographer. Her work combines photography, video, and sculpture to critique popularised representations of women.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally at venues such as Alte Munze in Berlin, the Cinematograph in Innsbruck, the Living National Treasure Museum in Tokyo, the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art in South Korea, MOCA Tucson, and the Billboard Creative exhibition in Los Angeles, California.

Samane Shirazi

Samane is an Iranian photographer who has been making documentary work for the past 10 years. Her work has been featured in several international photo festivals.

Gavin Smart

Gavin Smart is an award-winning freelance photographer. His cinematic images feature theatrical light, emotive colour and constructed photography, drawing a strong influence from painting, film and literature.

Marrying the production of advertising for some of the UK’s top arts institutions, theatres and design agencies alongside carefully considered personal projects, he uses imaginative storytelling to produce creative and thought-provoking imagery.

Zachary P. Stephens

Zachary P. Stephens is an American visual artist and educator specialising in photographic processes.

He received his MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and a certificate in professional photography from the Hallmark Institute of Photography. He is an adjunct professor of photography at Springfield College, Franklin Pierce University, and a member of the Society for Photographic Education.

Mirja Maria Thiel

Mirja is a German photographer with a background in literature whose approach to photography is rooted in her fascination for storytelling as a means of rising to challenge, living with change and showing compassion with humanity’s and her own vulnerability. She feels indebted to the documentary tradition while pursuing a subjective approach. Her long-term work has a focus on the elderly.

Lebo Thoka

Lebo Thoka is a South African photographer and artist. She has a BA in Visual Communication majoring in Photography from the Open Window Institute. Her work covers the nuanced experiences of navigating South Africa and the larger world as a black woman.

Alys Tomlinson

Alys Tomlinson was born in Brighton and studied photography at Central St. Martins. Her recent projects Ex-Voto and Lost Summer have been exhibited internationally and published as books. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (1st prize, 2020) and Sony World Photographer of the Year 2018 (overall winner). 

David A. Tucker II

Seattle-based photographer David A. Tucker II is a fine art and documentary photographer.

His most recent work is titled, Smoke, which focuses on those directly impacted by the 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic in Liberia. The work incorporates video and audio recordings.

Javier Vergara

Javier is a self-taught photographer born in Chile who began his career photographing the Chilean music scene. 

He now works as a sports photojournalist photographing the national football teams in the Primera División Chilean Championship, whilst working freelance for a leading photo agency in Chile.

Since October 2019, he has spent his days taking photos of the protests in his country to showcase the reality of the civil unrest and compare it to the reality worldwide. 

Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson is a London-based photographer whose work bridges the gap between fashion and fine art. Her work focuses on subverting fashion industry stereotypes, celebrating the body unflinchingly, exploring sexuality in relation to reproduction and the societal complexities of the sexually liberated woman. Publications and clients include Dazed, Nike, RevueDocument, and Vogue Italia

Naomi Wood

Naomi Wood is a UK based documentary photographer who creates raw and intimate stories for brands and editorial.

Her personal work explores the camera’s ability to be used as a therapeutic tool. She has been exhibited at the Southbank Centre and featured in the BJP, It’s Nice That, Vogue Italia, and Creative Review among others. 

Naomi is a visiting lecturer at universities, written for publications such as Riposte Magazine and is also curator of the platform, Picturing Parenthood.

KyeongJun Yang

KyeongJun Yang is a photographer from South Korea. Born and raised in Jinhae, South Korea. Yang went to the United States when he was 18 and studied journalism and philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. His works focus on how individuals and small communities are impacted by society and culture.

KyeongJun was awarded the IPE Under 30s Award for his series 'Men Don't Cry'.

Etinosa Yvonne

Etinosa Yvonne (b.1989) is a self-taught documentary photographer and visual artist born in Nigeria. The primary focus of her work is exploring and expressing themes related to the human condition and social injustice. Her work has been shown in selected group exhibitions, and has been published in several international publications. She has also been awarded grants for her project, It’s All In My Head

She currently resides in Abuja, Nigeria. (Profile image Credit: Steven Lee)