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Shaltout_Marina_She Who Eats Forbidden Apples
CREDIT: Marina Shaltout

Shortlist Gallery: IPE 163

Over 4000 photographers submitted work to the International Photography Exhibition open-call during 2021. Explore a selection of images from our shortlist of international photographers. 

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CREDIT: Karen Navarro
Duffield_Thomas_Poppy Promises_04
CREDIT: Thomas Duffield
Kudita_Tamary_African Victorian II
CREDIT: Tamary Kudita
Allen_Jocelyn_Oh Me, Oh Mãe_03
CREDIT: Jocelyn Allen
Bethell_Christopher_Blue Velvet_03
CREDIT: Christopher Bethell
Aranda_Frederic_Whitaker Malem
CREDIT: Frederic Aranda
CREDIT: Tom Atwood
CREDIT: Lorcan Berg
Bethell_Christopher_Blue Velvet_02
CREDIT: Christopher Bethell
Bondarenko_Ihor_We Watch and We are Watched by Somebody, 2020
CREDIT: Ihor Bondarenko
Borden_Harry_Nadiya Hussain
CREDIT: Harry Borden HonFRPS
Borden_Harry_Four Hugs Wide_02
CREDIT: Harry Borden HonFRPS
Bourne_Ashley_Amblecote Cottage, 2018
CREDIT: Ashley Bourne
Carrig_Wendy_Womanhood Academy
CREDIT: Wendy Carrig
Cerasomma_Nicoletta_In memory of Lucida Mansi
CREDIT: Nicoletta Cerasomma
Cerasomma_Nicoletta_Lucida Mansi - The Silk Road
CREDIT: Nicoletta Cerasomma
CREDIT: Caitlin Chescoe
Agyepong_Heather_Wish you were here_03
CREDIT: Heather Agyepong
Carroll_Patty_Anonymous Women Domestic Demise_01
CREDIT: Patty Carroll
Goodall_Jasper_Birch Wood
CREDIT: Jasper Goodall
CREDIT: Daniel Cosentino
Samuchenko_Yevhen_At the Pink Planet_01
CREDIT: Yevhen Samuchenko
Dawoojee_Aneesa_The Fighting Spirit of South London_04
CREDIT: Aneesa Dawoojee
Fardinfard_Hossein_A piece of peace
CREDIT: Hossein Fardinfard
Franco_Tim_Han Song-i
CREDIT: Tim Franco
Frazer Smith_Chris_Community Lockdown Portraits 9-12_04
CREDIT: Chris Frazer Smith
Fullerton-Batten_Julia_Josh and David, Lockdown Feb. 17th, 2021
CREDIT: Julia Fullerton-Batten
Hingley_Liz_Kitchen Court Hearing
CREDIT: Liz Hingley
CREDIT: Karoliina Kase
Lewis_Jenny_One Hundred Years_01
CREDIT: Jenny Lewis
Klos_Jan_Karma in her garden with Teddy
CREDIT: Jan Klos
Le Duc_Wouter_Echo_04
CREDIT: Wouter Le Duc
Le Fanu_Fabio_Enki, Paris, 2019 from the series Queer youth
CREDIT: Fabio Le Fanu
Li_Yushi_The Nightmare
CREDIT: Yushi Li
Liankevich_Andrei_Traditional interior
CREDIT: Andrei Liankevich
Norton_Hannah_Twenty Seconds To Safety_03
CREDIT: Hannah Norton
Lockett_Kay_The Order of Glorious Motherhood_02
CREDIT: Kay Lockett
Macgregor_Bella_Young Love
CREDIT: Bella Macgregor
Marshall_Gary_Burning Bush, South Africa_02
CREDIT: Gary Marshall
Kern_R. J._The Unchosen Ones_04
CREDIT: R. J. Kern
Matar_Rania_SHE _01
CREDIT: Rania Matar
CREDIT: Colm Moore
CREDIT: Colm Moore
CREDIT: Donavon Smallwood
O'Donovan_Luke_Ferrybridge CC #3
CREDIT: Luke O'Donovan
Oehler_Avital _Separate but Equal_02
CREDIT: Avital Oehler
Okelarin_Ade_Mo si ri omiran_04
CREDIT: Ade Okelarin
CREDIT: Tom Oldham
Percival_Kevin_Wornington Word_04
CREDIT: Kevin Percival
Renaud-Eck_Anouchka_School Kids in raw- Boys and Girls
CREDIT: Anouchka Renaud-Eck
Smart_Gavin_Apartment Two, Second Floor_04
CREDIT: Gavin Smart
Sommer_William Mark_Lil Joes
CREDIT: William Mark Sommer
Streitberger_Kiki_My lockdown garden, my microcosm, my universe_01
CREDIT: Kiki Streitberger
Tomlinson_Alys_Lost Summer  From June to August 2020_03
CREDIT: Alys Tomlinson
Tree_Nicola_Lexi Jeffs
CREDIT: Nicola Tree
Ward_Julian_Colin. Stage Hand, Island Studios, London
CREDIT: Julian Ward
CREDIT: KyeongJun Yang
Hodges_Travis_Tourists visit Ijen Volcano
CREDIT: Travis Hodges
White_Nicholas_Heather and Gorse on Hameldown, Dartmoor National Park
CREDIT: Nicholas White
Shaltout_Marina_She Who Eats Forbidden Apples
CREDIT: Marina Shaltout
Fontsare_Cristina_Four sisters and one brother
CREDIT: Cristina Fontsare
CREDIT: Karah Mew
CREDIT: Olivia Fernandez
CREDIT: Lola Primrose
CREDIT: Jodi Rogers
Pantall_Colin_Broken Camera Pictures_03
CREDIT: Colin Pantall
Geoushy_Lina_Shame Less مش عيب
CREDIT: Lina Geoushy
Arnold_Tom_Without a Corpse_03
CREDIT: Tom Arnold
CREDIT: Michael Sutton
Vestey_Joanna_Kate Mullan, Head of Commercial Services, Wiltons Music Hall, London, December 2020
CREDIT: Joanna Vestey
Burden_Brendan_Ash Red Homing Pigeon
CREDIT: Brendan Burden
Yvonne_Etinosa_It’s All In My Head_01
CREDIT: Etinosa Yvonne
Harvey_Owen_Ayesha Fihosy, GB Fencer
CREDIT: Owen Harvey
Knapstein_Michael_Midwest Memoir_02
CREDIT: Michael Knapstein
CREDIT: Karah Mew
Oldham_Tom_Daisy Edgar-Jones Actor, Normal People
CREDIT: Tom Oldham
Ansett_Richard_Behind The Brutal Facade_03
CREDIT: Richard Ansett
Wahid_Maryam_Portrait of Qamar, Ek Aurat Ka Safar (A Woman's Journey), Analogue- Pakistan, 2019.
CREDIT: Maryam Wahid