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The International Photography Exhibition (IPE) is the world’s longest-running photography exhibition. We encourage everyone to participate in the annual open-call, including new, emerging, and established photographers worldwide. Now in its 16th edition, the IPE 164 is a powerful exhibition that demonstrates new and alternative processes that explores themes of identity, culture, and environmental and political issues.

Meet the photographers exhibiting in our new edition. 

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Jade Annest

Jade Annest (b. 1996) is a French-Canadian visual artist based in Paris where she studied Cinema and Photography. With an interest in feminism and ecology, her work explores our relationship to nature and to bodies, whether they are aging, ill or female. She tends to photograph those close to her to weave narratives at the intersection of documentary and fiction.

Frederic Aranda

Frederic  Aranda is a self-taught international portrait photographer with a  career spanning over two decades. According to the BBC, "Aranda's portraiture aims to communicate the subject's humanity and strength. It's earned him a place as a favorite photographer for top brand style magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harper's Bazaar."

Aranda was recently included in the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, 'Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors" at the Imperial War Museum and RPS Gallery Bristol, and his work has won numerous awards, including Portrait of Britain and the International Photography Awards.

Jodie Bateman

Jodie Bateman was born and raised in South London. Her first interest was in the way that photography can convey social messages and how she could use the medium to express personal feelings.

Since converting to Islam Bateman’s work started to shift and her interest now is in investigating and questioning the stereotypes associated with being a Muslim living in Western society. 

Laurie Beck Peterson

Laurie Beck Peterson (b. 1962) is a US based artist specializing in 19th century photographic processes. Her work exploring themes of impermanence and the growth and decay of the natural world. Her most recent work utilizes sustainable plant-based printing methods.

Laurie received her degree from Syracuse University and is an adjunct professor at Tyler School of Art + Architecture at Temple University. Her work is exhibited nationally and internationally.

Guy Bellingham FRPS

An ex-circus and variety performer, Guy specialises in large format photography. Combining historic processes with new technology, he designs and builds his own cameras. Shooting both wet plate collodion, digital large format video and portraits. Awarded Fellowship to the RPS in 2020. Winner at the British Photography Awards 2021 and International Portrait Photographer of the Year 2022. 


boihugo is a queer artist based in Shanghai and London. They hold an M.A. in Photography from London College of Communication. The artist is interested in the construction of racialized masculinities in a late-capitalist context, as well as the junctions of power and mundane day-to-day life. Their work have been exhibited in the UK, Norway, Switzerland and China.

Harry Borden

Harry Borden has received many accolades and has been exhibited widely including a 2005 solo show, (On Business) at the National Portrait Gallery. 

He has published 2 books; Survivor: A Portrait of the Survivors of the Holocaust 2017 and Single Dad 2021. 

His third monograph, On Divorce, comes out next year and will be published by The School of Life

Shaista Chishty

Shaista is a photographer & visual artist interested in the relationship between visual histories and the present, particularly in relation to Muslims in Britain. Shaista is currently undertaking a practice- based PhD at Cardiff University and is a recipient of the prestigious Jameel Scholarship. 

Nicholas Constant

Nicholas Constant is an award-winning artist based in London. He uses research driven photography to invite to a wider conversation on conflict. The quiet imagery relies on the context to convey a deeper political and emotional meaning. The photographer is interested in utilising preconceptions, leaving the silent scenes to be activated by the viewer.  

Alex Currie

Alex Currie lives in the Outer Hebrides and has exhibited widely across the UK and Europe. Alex's work is concerned with the societal and social implications of the built environment, documenting the often overlooked or ignored and how that impacts our psyche and everyday being. Research-based, Alex's work aims to raise questions about the human condition in a post-industrialized world.

Camila de Melo

Camila de Melo is a photographer, mother, social worker, and LBTTQIA+ rights activist currently dedicated to the visual investigation of bodies and identities of non-binary people, trans women, sex workers, and other interrupted stories.

Chris Drummond

Chris Drummond is a practicing Architect and has lived and worked in Bristol since 2020. 

He is influenced by early art, forensics, the Action Paintings of Abstract Expressionism, and the Anthropometry works of Yves Klein. He feels an affinity with the photography of Aaron Siskind, and the later works of Czech Surrealists Emila Medková and Vilem Reichmann.

Josh Empson

Joshua Empson is a fine art documentary photographer based in the Cotswolds. Joshua’s practice stems from the loss of his mother, his work reflects the subconscious and feelings associated with the grief and memories of her. Joshua often embarks on projects that have a purposeful outcome to others and explores the idea of using photography to connect with his subjects.

Joel Ford

Joel Ford has been a professional photographer for 16 years. His practice is mainly analog based and currently focuses on his interactions with the city he lives in (London) and the communities it contains. He holds an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication.

Imogen Forte

Born and raised in London, Imogen cut her teeth copywriting and art directing but as soon as she bought a camera she was hooked. Her work started gaining coverage and winning awards and within a year she’d quit her job to focus on photography. Since then she’s been lucky enough to work with some of her favourite brands and publications.

CREDIT: Eleanor Bentall
Sara Hannant

Sara is an artist and photographer based in London. Her practice began in the documentary tradition, which she continues to explore and expand through experimental and collaborative approaches. She uses analogue, digital, and alternative processes. Publications include Of Shadows: One Hundred Objects from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic (2016) and Mummers, Maypoles and Milkmaids: A Journey through the English Ritual Year (2011)

Owen Harvey

Owen Harvey is a London-based photographer. Strong human connection is at the core of his work, whether that be through candid moments or portraiture. Owen has immersed himself in the world of subcultures and stand-alone individuals and strives to portray the essence of who they are.
From naturists to lowriders, classical dancers to skinheads, and Imams to Dominatrix, he uses photography as a tool to collaborate and explore the world around him.

Marcin T. Jozefiak

Marcin T. Jozefiak is a British-Polish photographer currently based in Seoul, passionate about people and their stories and who loves discovering unnoticed beauty. As an artist and emigrant, he's very passionate about the topic of lost identity. The most recent work looks deeper into subcultures in Korea and their sense of belonging. The images he takes all come from a curiosity about exploring the subject of identity and improving the self.

Nicholas Kitto

Nick is originally from the Isle of Man. A career in the accounting profession saw him live and work in several countries in Africa and the Middle East before arriving in Hong Kong in 1983, and the city has been his home ever since. In 2007, Nick retired from his accounting services partnership and is now fully devoted to photography.

Angela Lam

Angela received her Master of Art degree in Photography in 2021. She is a marketing professional in luxury goods for over 20 years based in Hong Kong responsible for the Asia Pacific Region. Collaborations with photographers for marketing campaigns planted her love for photography. Angela’s main area of interest is documentary.

CREDIT: Lotte Laub
Anton Roland Laub

Anton Roland Laub, born and raised in Bucharest Romania, studied at the Weißensee Art Academy and the NeueSchule für Fotografie, Berlin.

Anton has been a finalist of the New Discovery Award, International Photo Festival Les Rencontres d'Arles. Anton's exhibitions have included Photo Saint-Germain, Paris; FORMAT Photography Biennale, Derby; EMOP, Athens, and Berlin; atelier35, Bucharest; Kaunas Photography Gallery, Kaunas.


Siqi Li

Siqi Li (b.1998) is an artist based between London and Beijing whose practice is primarily based in Photography. Her work embodies sensitive meanings within aesthetically engaging image-making, exploring themes around loss, separation, and belonging through intimate storytelling that projects and responds to a larger cultural and society context.

Jason Lindsey

Jason Lindsey is an American based photographer and filmmaker working to interpret science and the human impacts and relationship to the natural world. Lindsey considers himself a poetic activist using his art to drive social change. Lindsey has a 20-year career in advertising and editorial photography with a continued focus on Fine Art Photography. 

Rania Matar

Born and raised in Lebanon, Matar moved to the U.S. in 1984. As a Lebanese-born American artist and mother, her personal narrative informs her photography.

Matar’s work has been widely exhibited in museums worldwide in solos and group shows. It is part of the permanent collections of several museums.

In 2023, she will have exhibitions at the Huntsville Museum of Art and the Fitchburg Museum of Art. Her images will be part of an exhibition about Women Artists from the Middle East at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.



Jenny Matthews

Jenny Matthews has spent over 40 years photographing conflict and social issues for newspapers, magazines, and development organisations. Her book ‘Women and War’ was published in 2003 by Pluto Press and the accompanying exhibition toured worldwide. Since 2020 she has been embroidering images from her archive and making ‘photoquilts’ from them.

George McLeod

George McLeod studied photography at Nottingham Trent University, graduating in 2004. 

It was around 2015 George decided to start shooting again, and in his work now, regardless of whether he is producing a landscape photograph, writing a short story, or shooting a fashion editorial, he always attempts to look for balance, beauty, and often humour in a subject.

Marisol Mendez

Marisol Mendez (1991) uses her camera to study the tension between truth and fiction, the tight relationship between what a photograph creates and the (sur)real it comes from.  

Through her images, she seeks to deconstruct hegemonic narratives and confront them with the friction of the heterogeneous.  


Max Miechowski

Max Miechowski (b. 1989) is a British photographer based in London. With a focus on long-form projects, which are often rooted in portraiture, his practice centres on themes of connection and community, and explores the intricate, at times conflicting, relationships between people and place.

Nieves Mingueza

Artist, researcher, curator, and educator. She completed her MA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography in 2022 and is currently a Phd candidate. Her practice interweaves research, documentary photography, archival material, collage, text, film, and installation.

In 2022 her work has been exhibited widely including installations at Les Rencontres de la Photography Arles (FR), Peckham 24 (UK), and Revela-T (Spain), among others.

Carles Mitjà

Born in Barcelona (Spain), have been related with Photography along three main phases. A first one as a professional photographer. In a second stage, as a teacher/researcher at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia working in Digital Imaging and Image Quality measurement. Finally, from retirement, investigating on the Photogravure on Copperplate as a final way to show the own body of work.

Mark O’Halleron

Mark O’Halleron graduated from Falmouth University with an MA in photography in 2022. His work is largely rooted in the landscapes and places we inhabit, particularly the often-intangible emotional connection we have with these spaces. More recently, he has been drawn to the impact we have on the environment, most notably our rivers and seas.

Mykhaylo Palinchak

Mykhaylo Palinchak is a Ukrainian street and documentary photographer residing and working in Kyiv, Ukraine. Born January 1985 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Starts photography in 2008. Since 2012 member of Ukrainian Photographic Alternative (UPHA) and member of Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPF) since 2014. 2014-2019 official photographer of the President of Ukraine. Founder of Untitled magazine and co-founder of Ukrainian Street Photography group. 

Matteo Piacenti

Matteo Piacenti (2001) is an Italian artist from Bologna. He became passionate about photography at the age of thirteen thanks to his friendship with a group of local amateur photographers. Much of his work is dedicated to the creation of images capable of highlighting the essential moments captured in events and glances, showing the human being and the multiple expressions of its actions with deep spontaneity.

Michelle Sank

Michelle Sank was born in South Africa settling in the UK in 1987. She cites this background as informing her interest in sub-cultures and the exploration of contemporary social issues. Her crafted portraits meld place and person creating sociological, visual, and psychological landscapes and narratives.

Her photographs have been exhibited and published extensively in the UK, Europe and the USA

Anna Sellen

Anna Sellen is a photographer and multi-disciplinary artist based on the West Coast of Wales. She works across photography, video, sound, and text to tell stories about transitions that people and places undergo. Her projects often start autobiographically, evolve through extensive research and encompass cultural debates. Anna Sellen is currently artist-in-residence at the Kelvedon Hatch Cold War Bunker.

Leslie Sheryll

Leslie Sheryll grew up in New York City and became interested in photography when she attended the High School of Art and Design. She continued her photographic and art education at The Kansas City Art  Institute where she received her BFA.  Her work has been in numerous exhibitions in both the U.S and Europe.

Leslie explores female identity through photography and digital collage by telling or creating stories about women. Incorporating history, botany, symbolism, personal experience, and a bit of fantasy. Leslie's images are a compilation of layers that create a visual experience as well as a metaphorical story.

Darren Shepherd

Darren came to photography relatively late in life but finds it so stimulating. It’s an adventure going on a shoot not knowing exactly what you are going to get. Darren is especially interested in documentary storytelling and in issues around sexuality and gender. Recently becoming more interested in aligning photography with political activism.

Jason Sofokleous

Jason born in London and grew up between there and Cyprus, his ancestral home. Today Jason is a software developer and a techie but prefers photography practice to be as low-tech and analogue as possible. Jason's first camera was an Olympus OM1, and enjoys experimenting with alternative processes and is currently in love with Polaroid film.

Mitsuko Taniguchi

Mitsuko is an artist, a feminist, and a researcher on contemporary culture and art.

Mitsuko continues their life's work with a project of photographing women's kitchens.

Gabriella Tigoglu

Gabriella Tigoglu is a British-Turkish Fine Art Documentary photographer, based in the South West of England.

She specialises in portraiture and focuses her narrative on empowering strong female figures. Her recent series, The Force That Drives The Flower, discusses the hardship, beauty, and battles of being a young mum in England. 

Alys Tomlinson

Alys Tomlinson was born in Brighton and studied photography at Central Saint Martins. Her recent projects Ex-Voto and Lost Summer have been exhibited internationally and published as books. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (1st prize, 2020) and Sony World Photographer of the Year 2018 (overall winner)

Bárbara Traver

Bárbara Traver (Spain, 1992) is a photographer specialising in contemporary photography based in London. She works about intimacy, identity, and the narrative or metaphorical potential with numerous artistic references. She has exhibited and participated in several festivals (CC Pati Llimona, Theredoom Gallery, Photo Alicante, or Revela-T). She also has been awarded the VEGAP grant (2021) to continue working on her project “, te quiere, mamá”, and she has been a finalist in the photobook awards Athens Photo Festival (2022) and won the second prize in the festival Revela-T (2022)

Natcha Wongchanglaw

Natcha Wongchanglaw is a Thailand-born, US-based visual artist, who incorporates herself and her experiences to explore the themes of home, culture, community, identity, and the relationship between people and places. She earned her master’s degree in digital photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York and currently pursues her MFA in Art Studio at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Elizabeth Zeschin

Born in Los Angeles, Elizabeth Zeschin was raised in Northern Oregon. Educated in Boston and Chicago, she studied theatre before embarking upon her photographic career in New York City. She has made her home in the United Kingdom for over twenty five years.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in New York and the UK including the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, The Chelsea Arts Club and the Arden and Anstruther Gallery. Her project Endangered Species, was exhibited in a solo show at Chelsea Arts Club, London in 2022.

Zhaohui Zhu

Zhu Zhaohui is the executive editor-in-chief of Duku Publishing House, and a non-professional photographer, based in Beijing, China. His subjects include portrait photography, street photography and theatrical photography. He currently presides over the long-term documentary photography project: Image - A Grain of the Islands of the China Academy of Art, and is also the judge of the Chinese Photography Book List.