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Gray_Louise_Heavy the Tree - Lichen
CREDIT: Louise Gray

Shortlist Gallery

International Photography Exhibition 164

Over 6000 images were submitted to the International Photography Exhibition 164 open call during 2022. Explore a selection of images from our shortlist of international photographers. 

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Ferguson_Max_From Whistling for Owls
CREDIT: Max Ferguson
Aranda_Frederic_Malik Le Nost
CREDIT: Frederic Aranda
Barton_Lily_Pulpit Rock
CREDIT: Lily Barton
Bateman_Jodie_Untitled_ from the series_My Hijab Has A Voice_.jpg
CREDIT: Jodie Bateman
Tigoglu_Gabriella_Grace, getting ready to swim in the Brighton sea, part one
CREDIT: Gabriella Tigoglu
Beck Peterson_Laurie_For John, Montezuma Wildlife Refuge
CREDIT: Laurie Beck Peterson
Bobb_Kelly-Ann _Sacred Bodies
CREDIT: Kelly-Ann Bobb
Charalampidis and Chairetaki_Panos and Mary_Mother_s world
CREDIT: Panos Charalampidis and Mary Chairetaki
Davies_Lottie_Experiment #4
CREDIT: Lottie Davies
Cheren Nygren_Diana_Two Grandmothers
CREDIT: Diana Cheren Nygren
Constant_Nicholas _Sarajevo Outpost - One example of the command posts that the Serbs held to keep Sarajevo under siege
CREDIT: Nicholas Constant
Coyle_Fergus_Aaron, having riden 300km overnight without sleep
CREDIT: Fergus Coyle
Cullen_Austin_Floating biomes
CREDIT: Austin Cullen
Currie_Alex_Collapsing Cliff, Birling Gap, East Dean, East Sussex
CREDIT: Alex Currie
Drummond_Chris_Rainbow Feet. After a street party in Finsbury Park, London_ 2017
CREDIT: Chris Drummond
Gray_Louise_Heavy the Tree - Lichen
CREDIT: Louise Gray
Eagle-Lippiatt_Mahtola_Mother, Hen
CREDIT: Mahtola Eagle-Lippiatt
Edelstein_Jillian _Laura
CREDIT: Jillian Edelstein
Empson_Josh_Ellie, 2021
CREDIT: Josh Empson
CREDIT: Hossein Fardinfard
Fraser_Caroline_Shore Life 1
CREDIT: Caroline Fraser
Fullerton-Batten_Julia_The Metz Opera House
CREDIT: Julia Fullerton-Batten
Afolabi_Aderopo_Black Women and Afrocentric Fashion
CREDIT: Aderopo Afolabi
Galanopoulos_Yiannis _Breakwater Kisses
CREDIT: Yiannis Galanopoulos
Gunther_Julia_Newlyweds Michelle and Barry de Boer sit for a wedding portrait on their wedding day
CREDIT: Julia Gunther
CREDIT: Aditi Gupta
Hall_Harry George_Jack
CREDIT: Harry George Hall
Harrison_Mark_Miriam, the angel
CREDIT: Mark Harrison
Hill_Simon I _Kill the Bill, London
CREDIT: Simon I Hill
Hughes_Curtis_Peter _ Sue, Budapest
CREDIT: Curtis Hughes
CREDIT: Maddie Hughes
Jago_Christian_An Móinéar Ceo
CREDIT: Christian Jago
CREDIT: Tommy Keith
Kitto_Nicholas_Highrise Tennis in Mongkok, Hong Kong
CREDIT: Nicholas Kitto
Lam_Angela_Study area
CREDIT: Angela Lam
Kontodimou_Georgia _Michaela
CREDIT: Georgia Kontodimou
Matthews_Jenny_Facial de-recognition. Afghan girls studying. Dedicated to teachers, pupils and students
CREDIT: Jenny Matthews
CREDIT: Christy Lorio
McLeod_George_Tree Huggers from the Future, Untitled, 2022
CREDIT: George McLeod
Tomlinson_Alys_Merdules, Ottana, Sardinia
CREDIT: Alys Tomlinson
Miechowski_Max_Coastal Path
CREDIT: Max Miechowski
Sank_Michelle_Miz Cambell
CREDIT: Michelle Sank
CREDIT: Sujata Setia
St.Oegger_Nick_Gazmend Bikaj. Kelmend Region, Albania
CREDIT: Nick St.Oegger
Bhuyan_Himadri_Jing Kieng Jri - 2
CREDIT: Himadri Bhuyan
Šrámek_Rasťo_Cable car
CREDIT: Rasťo Šrámek
Mitjà_Carles_Ice #1
CREDIT: Carles Mitjà
CREDIT: Aidan Murgatroyd
Plass_Allison_Harlan in Blue
CREDIT: Allison Plass
Rabikowska_Zula_Agata, b.1990 (she_her), Vilnius, Lithuania
CREDIT: Zula Rabikowska
Raggio_Martin T_Laima-Godness of Destiny
CREDIT: Martin T Raggio
Round_Chris_Melting Tree
CREDIT: Chris Round
Sachov_Alexej_Waterfall of emotions
CREDIT: Alexej Sachov
Servian_Kathy_What Would Jesus Do_
CREDIT: Kathy Servian
Steinegger_Ralph_Shanghai fishing 3
CREDIT: Ralph Steinegger
Wills_Phillip_Disused gas station in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
CREDIT: Phillip Wills
Yuan_Tianhu_Under Station
CREDIT: Tianhu Yuan